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    Cool just your opinion

    hy guys well i got a question to ask you all.ive been before in the bizz for a long time.i left a couple of years a go.i tried these dating sites ( plentyofphish,reseau contact ,ect..) even thos supposely sex site dating(pourtesfesses,joueraveclefantasme.ect..)

    anyway i dates some on these site especially dating is it me or all the girls the same here.i mean such great seems no one is there for a real relathionship no matter if they tell you there not like the others one.the last one we dated for 2 months,made plans for vacations in may .went everywhere got info for no reason i cought here on the same site cruising around.of course they always have the same bullshit lies..

    anyway just wanted your opinion on these so called dating sites.anyone had similiar experience?

    guess ill be coming back to escort at least they bullshit you but you get want you want

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    Question Again?

    Quote Originally Posted by jiuju View Post
    hy guys well i got a question to ask you
    Hmm, my opinion... Didn`t you get enough responses the last time you asked about dating sites? 6 pages, 77 replies, and you want to do it again??

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    Hello jiuju,

    It seems that you have not learned anything from the last time you brought up this same subject. I would like to refresh your memory on my warning to you three months ago, almost to the day.

    This thread will be removed later today.

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