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    it is my opinion that the NRP is ruining this board. If we are supposed to be TOFTT and coming back to review and as soon as a bad review appears an NRP goes into effect, then how is this board being effective. On CL and other online advertising, every MP or SP can say whatever they want, there is no one to keep them honest. This board works to keep these places honest.

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    right!we have to share our good and bad moments in mp places across montreal.power to the people!

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    I also agree! Imagine if MERB was a political board. It's like if politicians will ask for a NRP! You imagine that !!! LOL!

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    Well, if a serious concern of this site's owner is revenue, and NRP's are tied to advertising revenue, then it would seem to be somoething that won't be going away. I don't think it's easy or perhaps even possible for a publicly read forum of any kind to remain impartial and truly open while also taking advertising revenue from sources that could potentially be discussed on the same forum...

    All in all, though, this is a very informative place. Just consider the impact this place has on the MP businesses out there. Whenever a new find or favourable review gets published, there seems to be an average of over 100 views and corresponding spike in activity at the subject MP. This can only serve to better the service in our industry, and as a whole we probably have waaaaay more bargaining power than we realize.

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    Hello JustGuy,

    Do we have to go through this discussion yet again? It has been explained many times and the NRP is here to stay. Another thread on the subject will not change that. If you were to actually look at the NRP thread I believe you would discover that there are not that many MPs with NRPs in effect. You will also notice that when a NRP is requested, we now include a note when we believe it is necessary indicating if the NRP was requested due to bad reviews.

    When it comes to SPs, no currently active and advertising escort is permitted to have a NRP in place.

    Other boards also remove reviews at a providers request, the difference is that they do not notify their members that it is being done. We do not believe in hiding and do our best to make everything public. Or would you prefer if we followed their lead and just removed posts with no notice?

    The NRP is in no way tied to board revenue. Only the moderators have any say as to who is or is not granted a NRP. No advertiser is entitled to have a NRP in effect. If anything, a NRP can cost MERB advertising dollars.

    Mod 8

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    I know some masseuses do not like to have their business put on the net for all to see. The can not be sure that all clients will be discrete, so they prefer not to be talked about on the net.

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    I understand the reasoning for the NRP and I am not 100% against it. Sometimes it is a reasonable request. I think that it just shouldn't be an automatic when an MP is asking for it. And I also think that the note advising the MERBites of a request for an NRP should be in the review section. Not everyone checks the LOUNGE to find the NRPS. The NRP thread should be front and center in the review section and some comments and debate on this request should be allowed, such as for three days after the request, we can comment on it before it goes into effect. Just my two cents worth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tim Horny View Post
    I know some masseuses do not like to have their business put on the net for all to see. The can not be sure that all clients will be discrete, so they prefer not to be talked about on the net.
    It's a business, not a state secret. If they are in business, they want customers. If they are doing something they are ashamed of, why are they doing it, and if they are doing it to make money, having it on the board will probably give them more customers. I think most working MPs will only ask for an NRP if they are giving lousy service and don't want it widely known. If they are going out of business, then it is reasonable to ask for and NRP. If they are having trouble with the police, it is reasonable to ask for NRP. If what they are doing is illegal, it is reasonable to ask for an NRP.

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    Hello JustGuy,

    First of all, everyone should be checking the sticky threads in the Lounge on a regular basis. They should always keep themselves up to date on rule changes, suspensions and the NRP thread.

    Now when it comes to MPs and the NRP, yes they are in business and yes they want customers. But their business is massage, not FS. If people want FS they should go to an incall. Posting about receiving FS at a MP, which by the way does happen to be illegal, could lead to them being closed down which helps no one.

    Granting an NRP is the moderators decision, not the decision of the membership of MERB. It is not open to debate.

    As for the location of the NRP thread, we have been discussing possible changes regarding that subject and it is possible that it may be moved to the review section of the board.

    Finally, all this has been discussed many times before and it seems to come up every few months. This is the last time a new thread will be started on this subject. If anyone has any questions on the NRP they have certainly been answered in a past discussion and I suggest doing a search on the subject before posting the same old complaints. The NRP is here to stay and nothing will change that. Anyone with constructive suggestions can submit them to a moderator or post them in the suggestion thread in the Lounge.

    If anyone has anything to add, I suggest you do it quickly as this thread will be closed later this evening.

    Thank you,

    Mod 8

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    To add to Mod 8's explanation, one of the reason the NRP thread is in the lounge is because there are 3 categories of possible groups, possibly 4: We have incalls, outcalls, MPs and possibly strippers.

    Sometime, the boundaries of these categories aren't exactly clear. An incall might also do outcall, a masseuse might also be an escort on occasion, a stripper might do massages... There are many permutation possible. Add to this there are sections by cities, that would make maintaining separate threads in every section very difficult, if not impossible and would lead to confusion where somebody seeing a provider as an outcall would not notice there's an NRP in the incall or MP section, or the provider was seen in Quebec but the NRP is posted in the Montreal section.

    The lounge is the easiest way to keep the info that involve all members visible in the current setting.

    One way not to miss anything is to use the "new post" button at the top-left grey bar of all forum pages. That will show all new posts since the member's last visit, in all the sections. You can then decide to only look at the posts in the section you are interested in.

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    in the nrp sticky thread mod 10 stated:

    i thought an advertising sp/agency could not request an nrp...

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    Thank you for pointing that out. The NRP has been removed.

    Once again, currently advertised SPs are not eligible for a NRP.

    Mod 8

    Quote Originally Posted by johnmbot View Post
    in the nrp sticky thread mod 10 stated:

    i thought an advertising sp/agency could not request an nrp...

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