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    Would someone kindly advise me if there are any other sports bar/Cafes that show the Setanta Premier League games on weekends, besides Champs on St Laurent. I want to see a game next Sat and it starts 7.45AM, and Champs sometimes is not open at that time?

    Any help will be appreciated.

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    Poonyman, there is a sports bar just in front of Metro Henri Bourassa. Another one, on the corner st.catherine and dufort. But i don't know their opening hour.
    So, you are a premier league fan.

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    Thanks Bat-Man, I will check those places out. I am a huge EPL fan, Chelsea is my team.

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    No problem poonyman, i forgot to tell you that you can watch the games on the internet for free in case you don't find a place open early in the morning.
    i think chelsea will win the EPL this year, they are better than Man Utd. I am a fan of the Gunners (Arsenal), they will finish at third place this year.

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