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Thread: Canada goose winter jackets

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    Canada goose winter jackets

    Is it just me or does every 2nd person in Mtl is wearing them this year?
    They are all over the city!
    Whats the deal?

    For those that dont know what they are by name its those big puffy one's with the fur lined hood and a circle crest on the sleeve. They come in black,white and red.

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    It's like the new Kanuk.... I play hockey with a bunch of italian and they almost all wear it.

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    There are so many synthetics these days that equal or better animal products for insulation.

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    why does EVERYONE wear these one's?

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    Because its a fad , people follow fads.

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    I think its a Quebecois yuppie thing.

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    It's weird! I noticed it right away with everyone wearing the patch on the sleeve....maybe it makes people feel more canadian?

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