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Thread: Patent infringement

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    Patent infringement

    I just heard that Sony has applied to trademark (my handle) "cloudsurf"
    I feel violated .
    Will Merb stand behind me if I sue Sony ?

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    just tell the ladies... "yes, I'm THAT cloudsurf"!

    oh, wait, you already do... (that's a wink smilie)
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    Cloudsurf, i wouldn't recommend suing, look at Voyager, after trying to sue the star trek writers, the NASA, chrysler, and LG, he's given up the idea now
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    Well if I ever see Jman47 on a car moniker...I'm suing...LOL!
    Enjoy life my friends....

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    This reminds me of Lexus when they started up about 15 years ago. The lexus lawyers advised Lexus to pay off an electronics company with the same name They refused many offers to sign over rights. The final deal was a large amount of money plus Lexus cars for executive use, free of charge to Lexus electronics. They again refused. Lexus cars used the name anyways, when it got to court the judge threw out the case the first day. No money ( or cars ) for Lexus electronics.

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