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Thread: A damn mental barrier!

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    A damn mental barrier!

    Greetings all!

    It will be my first time writing on this forum even If I read it quite often to check reviews or others subjects.

    I've been watching escort and masseuses ads for more than 2 years but never dared to meet one. But I finally decided to give it a try yesterday night with a good reviewed agency. So I was sure the pics were good and accurate.

    I was really really nervous all day long since the time I took my appointement. So at 8m, I met the girl in her room. Very nice girl, beautiful lady. I have no complaint at all about her attitude or her body.

    But I had a HARD TIME touching her all the hour long. I mean I was feeling like I was forcing her to do something she might not really want and it cut down my ''desire''. I kept being shy and nervous all the meeting.

    I could come once(very fast unfortunately...), but afterward, even if I had still half an hour, I never could come back in ''shape'' again. I felt like I had a damn mental blockage. A barrier that I never could get down even if the girl was nice and tried to help me get in shape ! And it's not my age.. im 28 I never had any problem about that with a gf.

    I was just wondering if it happened to someone else to get a mental blockade while seeing an escort?

    I felt like i had not the right to touch her because I knew in my mind that she didnt want it like my gf or a girl that you seduced in a bar or in school/work.

    Is it just because it's not a hobby for me or what...? I dont regret my visit, but I regret i couldnt have the fun I expected. In fact I had no fun at all.... And I'm mad about myself for my stupid mental barrier. La réalité n'a pas été a la hauteur du fantasme que je m'étais attendu.

    Sorry for my bad english and my long post but I'm really concerned about how I felt.

    Thank you for reading,

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    This must of happened to almost all of us at one point
    the problem is that `gfe` is sometimes limited to the services that are associated with it
    but if a girl is as cold as a block of ice.. A , and dfk won`t do any good.!
    With time you learn to spot the ones that want to talk away the time .. And you also learn how to take control and get what you want , out of the session ,..
    But in regards to your main concern ,.. I don`t think that the desire you were expecting will always come automatically ..
    Sure some girls are Warmer , and more inviting than others..
    But to build a bit of chemistry .. It might take a few repeat visits ..
    Unless you get A girl.. That you `hit it off with` right from the start !
    Just remember..? A sp`s attitude, and approach .. Are just as( if not more) important than the list of services she provides ..!!!!!
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    I have had a number of first-time customers and it is normal to feel nervous and shy.
    A sp can put you at ease, there are ways of creating intimacy beyond the actual sexual acts themselves. It is important that you find someone who is sensitive to your needs and will take the time to make you feel comfortable. You do have to share with them how your are feeling so they can respond accordingly.

    I agree with Ricky, once you find someone you like, repeat visits will build intimacy, and you will have a fabulous time.

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    Do you guys realized you replied to a thread that is 3 years old...? Either the OP has become used to see escorts... or he retired after that first meeting lol...

    I mean... its funny to read the conversation like the thread was posted yesterday...

    Anyway, while i am here...

    First time i took a booth dance in a strip club, i couldn't touch the girl... it was paid by my cousin, and i didn't believe i could actually touch her for a little 10$ .. thats like the price of a poutine... and for that i could touch a hot girl... when i was forbid to do that normally... weird... so i didn't touch her, but once the first dance ended, i took my courage and ask, she said yeah its part of the routine of booth dance, so i took out the wallet, paid 20$ more, and the next 2 dances my hands where roaming all over her breast and ass... LOL I think it mostly the unknown more than being shy, like i said i was really not sure i had the right, especially since in the movie they don't touch(in the states)... But if you pay for an escort... you know what you can do, at least the minimal stuff is allow(touching, kissing, getting sucked...)

    Of course by the time i saw my first escort, i was already used to strip club, but i was a bit shy too. I asked her to dance, wich she did, i wanted this to be like a strip club but on metal music(lol) and be able to go one mile further and not just stop at touching... After a while she was the one mentioning i should remove my boxers... i was a bit shy but hey i was there for that, so i did and there you go...

    But its funny as next one i was super quick to take my cloathes off, and after that the third one it took a while again, guess it depend on the girls and how they behave, how they make you feel. In any case even today after 30 something meeting, i am still a bit nervous when i open the door, meet the girl, i never know how she will be... what kind of girl she is. Sometimes we chat and chat and... chat and after a while i got to push a bit to start, other times she is the one basically unzipping my pants...

    But one thing sure, im a bit hard to start something, but when its done, its on... lol i never had any problem to get hard or such.

    The OP mentioned a mental problem, not physical tough and i get how he sees it, but (well i feel stupid replying to him on a 3 years old thread) you need to think that the escort WANT to be there, maybe not for your dick... but for your money. If she wouldn't want, she wouldn't be there... they are not forced and they can turn around when they see you if something displease them... So once she agree to see you, then consider she want to be with you, and i think you should not "feel sorry" for her... She is a consentant adult.

    And the beauty of seeing an escort is that your in charge on most things... so personally i profit of it. You choose the position, you choose what you want to do and what you don't, for exemple i never DATY, its not something that exite me... actually its even the oposite... im afraid of doing it, never did actually, but since i pay... why should i do it if it does not exite me? If she enjoy herself during the sex its a plus, sure, i TRY to also please her best i can, but if she don't... at least she got my money.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Halloween Mike View Post
    Do you guys realized you replied to a thread that is 3 years old...? Either the OP has become used to see escorts... or he retired after that first meeting lol...

    I mean... its funny to read the conversation like the thread was posted yesterday...
    LOL! Nope, didn't catch that...

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    The thread starter has not been on MERB since he made this thread.

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