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Thread: Condom broke during anal sex........

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    Condom broke during anal sex........

    It happened 2 days ago. No sign of anything abnormal. Want to get tested, but wondering what I should get tested for, and how long should I wait before getting tested.........

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    if you want to get tested for HIV...chances of transmission are extremely slim even with the have to wait at least six weeks to take a blood test that will be 99 percent reliable, then take a test again three months after the incident.

    The virus is difficult to pass, especially to the male in M/F anal (assuming you are the male and were having anal with a female escort.) Also, the condom protected you till it broke, and you likely pulled out quickly.

    Not sure what to tell you about other STDs, but you didn't contract HIV even on the very slim chance the escort was HIV-positive. Someone may tell you that you can get an emergency prescription for PEP, which is taking a regimen of AIDS drugs for 36 days in an attempt to kill the virus. This works sometimes in very high risk cases such as a "bottom" who has onprotected anal sex with a known HIV-positive male. But your encounter was very low risk for passing the virus even if the woman was infected with HIV, which is very unlikely. The odds of transmitting the virus in that high-risk scenario are estimated to be 3 in 10,000. So the odds of you getting it from an SP who is almost certainly not infected? Nil. Still worth testing if it puts your mind at ease. (my expertise: worked as an HIV volunteer counselor at a clinic) Also, re PEP: it is too late.Need to get it within about 36 hours. And you don't need it.
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    From a simple google search:

    Penis-to-anus penetration without a condom, with or without ejaculation
    STD risks include:

    Anogenital warts (human papillomavirus, HPV; causes anogenital warts associated with genital and reproductive cancers)
    Chlamydia (Chlamydia trachomatis; genital bacterial infection causing discharge)
    Genital herpes (herpes simplex virus, HSV; causes genital sores)
    Gonorrhea(Neisseria gonorrhea; bacterial infection of genital mucosa causing discharge)
    Hepatitis B and C
    Syphilis (Treponema pallidum; bacterial infection causing lesions; may affect nervous system and heart)

    Here is the link:
    Enjoy life my friends....

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    Quote Originally Posted by bumfie View Post
    if you want to get tested for HIV...chances of transmission are extremely slim even with the break...
    Bumfie, you can now try to explain how come the homosexual male community is represented in great number amongst those who have HIV. HIV is spread via blood. An anus is tight. A dick in a tight anus = possible microscopic tears releasing blood. Add this to heavy pounding and you have a dick with microscopic tears on it's tip. Tears on both sides = entry points for almost any bugs around, including HIV that happen to be amongst the smallest organism to attack the human body.

    The more things go, the more I wonder if it's a good idea to keep this health section open. It will take only one shot of a rich guy who is shy to consult a real MD and read MERB instead, taking it as Gospel and then, realizing he's screwed, he will be suing Fred's ass, dragging us Mods in the process. It doesn't mean the guy will win but the board, the owner and Mods will get in trouble.

    Kaydee, go get tested for STI as soon as possible, don't wait. Other diseases won't wait 3 month to cause problems. A REAL Medical Doctor will be able to tell you exactly the facts. Go to a clinic that handle STI regularly because some family doctor might be misinformed, don't have the proper tests/techniques or have outdated information.


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    I can't explain the numbers, but they were/are the numbers that doctors give/gave patients. I wouldn't make it up or take it from a specious source. And I do understand your concerns about possible liablity over posts by laymen or, worse, laymen pretending to be doctors and there being some bad result. Thanks, mod11.

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    I called a few STD test centers, and am told I have to wait 6 weeks before anything would appear in a test. I wish I didn't have to wait that long. I'll have to be creative in abstaining from sex with my partner - I hope she doesn't get suspicious.

    There is no doubt I will get tested, I need that peace of mind. It is only 3 days after the incident, and there are zero signs of anything unusual. Until I hit that 6 week point, I will keep a close eye out for anything unusual. If nothing appears at that 6 week point, I may just get tested for HIV, or I just may go ahead and get tested for everything, just to be sure.

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    I went through the broken condom ordeal with an SP. To make matters worse, she was heavy into her period and had a sponge stuck up there to stop the blood, which became dislodged. Thus when I pulled out I not only had a party hat busted to ribbons; I was coated with blood.

    Tested out fine for everything. Best wishes for a similar result.

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    This Saturday will be the 6-week mark since the incident........time to get tested! Wish me luck guys......

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    I wish you luck kaydee1968.
    With sensuality and charm,

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    This happened to me during vaginal.. With a porn actress called candy kiss.
    It was in 2000, and when I came and pulled out.? I noticed there was no more condom..
    I have been tested numerous times.. And thankfully everything was fine.
    I wish you luck as well.. And try not to dramatize, or dwell on it mentally..? They say illness can become physical just from thought, and illness can also be cured from thought( all depending)
    so don't stress it man.
    "Scars remind us where we've been. They don't have to dictate where we're going"

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    Never use condom with vaseline. One of my friend who is a doctor in chemistry once told me that he sometime use that trick to impress girl. He might be a doctor, but he's no genius.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kaydee1968 View Post
    It happened 2 days ago. No sign of anything abnormal. Want to get tested, but wondering what I should get tested for, and how long should I wait before getting tested.........
    Get tested for HIV & std's......relax, almost no one (it seems) dies from HIV/AIDS anymore on this side of the world.....HIV/AIDS is & was indeed a 'gay' disease (a large majority of the people affected happen to be homosexual), after all.......i know some people want to scare everyone & claim it's not....but it is, if you did catch something (i doubt it very much), it's likely an std & there are drugs to get rid of it.

    But.....DO GET TESTED.
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    Alright, had test done this past Saturday, should have my results by the end of the week.

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    Well my exemple will maybe look a little weird, but AIDS broke out during the 90s cause people where going at it always unprotected. These days people are way more concern about it and protect themselves as much as possible. So if 1 little time the protection goes off by accident, chances are very small... Think about it as a police officer working for the swat and always going with no protection in combat, he will get kill in no time. But if he always go well protection everywhere and one day his helmet fall off, chances of him getting hit in the head for the small time he recover his helmet are very low...

    Hope you catch the exemple... i like to be

    Bottom line is, you shouldn't too much worried, escorts are not like drug addicted street workers that fuck everywhere unprotected to get there next dose of hero...
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    I waited the recommended 6 weeks before testing, and kept a close eye on everything, and nothing abnormal whatsoever occurred. I haven't been worrying about it, I would just like to be able to resume relations with my significant other. I didn't want to take any chances infecting her with something I may have caught, so I abstained ever since the occurrence.

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