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    Wink "Availabilities"

    Having perused the nightly rosters on MERB for a while now, I have noticed that some agencies tend to quirkily refer to openings in their girls' schedules as "availabilities". No, I'm not picking on anyone for his or her choice of words, as I am very grateful that the agencies (bookers and girls alike) on here accomodate people like me who can't speak French. It's just that in an industry prone to the use of cheezy sexual innuendo in advertising, I'm surprised that agencies don't instead announce that they have slots open. Sometimes the double-meaning of words can be lost in translation. "Slots" is probably the more clever (albeit crude) word, for what it's worth. Just thought I'd share.

    Yes, I am bored for this to have even crossed my mind, and I agree, I do need to get laid.

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    Availabilities = ouvertures

    Only mean the girls are available during that time. No sexual innuendos there, only your twisted mind! LOL!!

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