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Thread: Forum/MERB iPhone App

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    Forum/MERB iPhone App

    Sorry if this is in the wrong forum…please move as appropriate.

    I was wondering if anyone can recommend a good forum-browsing app for the iPhone so that I can easily read/post/etc…without using Safari? I tried a free one but it wasn’t very good – couldn’t search, couldn’t easily view new posts. Some of the apps say they require the forum to have a plugin for the app to work.

    Any suggestions? Thanks.

    Also, it would be great to have a MERB specific iPhone app that not only provided for the viewing/posting reviews, etc, but provided a map interface, leveraging the iPhone location services and then identified all the MP, SP, etc…near me, then quickly providing accessing their reviews. I’m sure the sponsors would support this as there could be ads on the iPhone app. For those SP/Incalls that do not give out their address…at least a major intersection would be useful. I’m sure there is some developer out there that could easily do this. The data is all already accessible on MERB, is would be just a matter of programming an interface. Any takers?

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    Question Android - Iphone app for MERB

    Okay ! Ce thread commence à m'intéresser car je consulte fréquemment MERB avec mon smartphone Android !
    Et actuellement, ce n'est vraiment pas pratique du tout !

    Mods : Avez-vous des mises à jour prévues pour avoir une consultation adéquate de MERB par les smartphones ?

    Merci !

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    Iphone app :
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    I use merb on my iPhone through safari.. And I find it amazing..( even more practical than on a pc )
    why don't you want to use safari..?.. On a 3g and higher phone... It's almost always perfect...
    For posting.. Try writing in your notepad.. And then copy paste on merb.
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    I can use safari but you have to pinch and expand all the time. Moving back and forth also uses data transmission. With an app, data is stored so that navigation is quicker and not using as much data. You can also store stuff to read offline.

    Just though it would be easier....and if it had a mapping!


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