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Thread: What is your all time favorite tv sitcom

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    What is your all time favorite tv sitcom

    Mine is all in the family. There was only one Archie Bunker. He was my all time favorite tv character. I still watch the re-runs and find him as funny as ever.

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    Fawlty Towers. Nothing else even comes close.

    As evidence I present the following clips:

    After 30 years, the show is still as popular, if not more so, than it was originally. It still plays regularly on PBS, especially during fund raising campaigns.
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    I'm adding this line just to meet the minimum requirement of 10 characters.

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    I loved All in the Family and Cheers too but my favorite was...... Taxi!

    I can hear that music right do doooo da do do do do do doooo

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    It's so difficult to pick just one.

    M*A*S*H was certainly one of the best. I also love Seinfeld, and Family Guy.

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    My personnal top 5 are:

    - All in the family
    - Soap
    - Taxi
    - Cheers
    - Three's company

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    Quote Originally Posted by Techman View Post
    Fawlty Towers. Nothing else even comes close....
    What ? no sexy girls ?

    AH well... thanks for letting us know about it though !

    But since you guys come up with old ones...
    I'd say Three's company (with the sexiest brunette), Duke of hazard, Charlie's angels, Wonder woman, etc...

    Since then... Charmed, Desperate housechicks, etc...

    As long as there a cute face and a nice a*s... otherwise why spending time on tv ?

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    Growing up, it was 'Gilligan's Island'. I must have watched every single episode over 50 times!

    My all-time favorite tv sitcom has since become 'Seinfeld'.

    Honorable mentions: 'Three's Company' & 'Curb Your Enthusiasm'.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    Growing up, it was 'Gilligan's Island'. ...
    Yep ! that's another one with 2 sexy chicks !

    All time favorite though is Jinny ! Sexiest blonde running around almost naked and some guy flyin'... my kinda job

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    The Burns and Allen Show
    You Bet Your Life
    All in the Family
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    Like most said, it is hard to pick only one. But M*A*S*H would probably get the top vote if I have to pick just one. Comedy, humanity, horror of war, hope, everything was in there.

    Runner ups would include: All in the Family, which is the kind that grows on you with the years and 2nd vewings; Three's Company, Barney Miller if anyone remembers this one, and it would not be complete without Happy Days!

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    There are many but five not mentioned here so far are:

    Hogan's Heroes
    Barney Miller
    The Munsters
    Night Court
    The Larry Sanders Show
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    Quote Originally Posted by lapadict View Post
    Gotta go with Hillstreet Blues for drama and don't laugh, Dukes of Hazard for comedy.
    Though I would not categorize Hill Street... and Dukes... as sitcoms, I was a particular fan of Hill Street Blues. They touched on some poignant themes and will always remember Michael Conrad's "Hey... let's be careful out there..."

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    Abbott & Costello Daytime TV Show : Mike the Cop, Hillary (in those tight skirts), Mr. Batchagaloo, Stinky, Mr. Fields ... the funniest shit ever on TV!

    ... yeh, I know I'm old
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    Quote Originally Posted by lapadict View Post
    Sorry I misread the thread thinking it was all time fav tv show. Did not see sitcom. So My fav sitcom WKRP in Cincinati.

    As God Is My Witness I Thought Turkeys Could Fly.
    Yes! I had forgotten about WKRP in Cincinati! That one was a great one too!

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