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Thread: French political candidate also does escorting !

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    French political candidate also does escorting !

    Amazing... A french candidate for this week-end's local election also does escorting.

    Not very wise, she used her internet pseudo in the campaign, which she also uses for SPing. But she did attract 35% of voters this past week-end.

    The french bulletin :

    On her escort page, she mentions she speaks 6 languages fluently, and appears with platinum hair.

    Note : I will not post her escorting link since she is not a MERB advertiser
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    Her ''oral'' talents are impressive!
    For sure, this could not happen in Saskachewan!
    Vive la France! But not so sure about Le Front National!

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    What is she promising? A chicken in every pot and a BJ under every table?

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