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Thread: Hotel Rooms With Oversized Bathtubs (not $$$$)?

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    Question Hotel Rooms With Oversized Bathtubs (not $$$$)?

    Anyone have any suggestions for moderately priced hotel rooms with two person bathtubs? All postings so far have either suggested high end (Hotel St. Paul, $250 per night), or low end (Chablis), neither of which is what I am looking for.

    I usually pay about $100-125/ night for modern, 3 or 4 star hotels. But I have had a tough time finding hotels with two person sized bathtubs in this price range.

    Any ideas? Thanks.

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    THe Chablis on St Jacques does have a number of nice rooms with hottubs as part of the main room. The rates for 4 hours are in the range you stated.

    I know of no other place that has tubs like that.

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    exception # 229 at Chablis St-Jacques

    I admit that the motel is not the 4 Seasons but could i recommend you room # 229 simply because it's outstanding: fireplace, super-sized whirlpool/tub, separate,spacey all-around glass-panelled shower, king-sized (or xtra king even?) bed, large ultra clean room. An overall secure feeling (despite reality?

    price: 65 dollars/4 hours (20- dollar deposit or id card)
    ?/24 hours


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    Are you looking for something in the Montreal Island... if not we do have a suggestion for you... in Laval... very easy to find... on the service road of highway #15 right after highway #440 (you take the exit for the #440 to get on the service road)

    The Best Western "Chateauneuf"... they have very classy hotel room with very large wirlpool bath... for 2 or even 4... for one full night there price use to be above 150$...
    Suzan & Michele xxx

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    tour versailles

    I am pretty sure that hotel tour versailles has double size roman tubs in the corner rooms. (acutally fit two people inside)
    this is high class but not too expensive hotel
    please verify.
    1808, rue Sherbrooke Ouest
    Montréal, QC H3H1E5
    Téléphone: (514) 933-8111

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    Chablis & Chateau de l'Argoat

    As a bubbles in bubbles lover (champagne in jacuzzis), I put a great importance on baths.

    I agree that the best tub in town is at nicest suite the Chablis on St-Jacques West (330$ for one night/half for 4 hours and less). The tub is big enough for 4 people, right in the room instead of a bathroom. It is such a sexy place! The other rooms are cheaper & nice but not as impressive as this one.

    A lesser known place, still not too expensive, is the Hotel Chateau de l'Argoat. Right in front of the Crown Plaza on Sherbrooke & Berri, this very small hotel has 2 rooms with jacuzzis for 2 decadent people. The rooms have brick walls which gives a little old Montreal cachet.

    Enjoy the bubbles!
    Annik of Annik & friends

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    Le rivage


    If driving to Rosemere (about 15-20 minutes from Montreal) does not bother you, I think you would
    not be disapointed by going to motel Le rivage. Every room as something
    really special and different. The tubs are big enought for a couple of people (depending on your choice of room). Have fun !
    [email protected]
    (450) 437-2171 - 1 (888) 437-2171

    xxx Samantha

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    Any of these near Crescent?

    Are there any of these near Crescent? I want to disappear from my friends for 3 or 4 hours the next time I'm in Montreal! Is the one at 229 Chablis St-Jacques near this location? That sounds like a great place to meet an SP.

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    The Chablis on St. Jacques is roughly 10 min. by car from Crescent.

    Walking to there is definitely out of the question. However, you might consider taking a cab there though.

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    Thank you Donnyb!!

    I will definately book this place the next time I come to your beautiful city.

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