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Thread: escorts with small breasts -- more fun in bed?

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    escorts with small breasts -- more fun in bed?

    It seems that way to me, and the reasons would be pretty obvious -- less vulnerability in the chestal area and nowhere near as much of a history of groping there by clients. But has anyone else noticed this or is it just my personal impression?

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    I've always preferred women with small breasts anyway.

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    I absolutely am a member of the "spinner appreciation club"!! I prefer to spend time with the "A" & "B" ladies of the world (but I do reserve the right to dabble with others ) I'm not sure if they're better in bed, but its just the body-type that I prefer.

    It may be that girls with larger boobs get more attention, like in a strip club for example, and therefor the more petite girls tend to feel neglected?

    RP - maybe you should do a side-by-side test??


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    Big breast photos attract more guys, but smaller breast are like Hertz car rental................they try harder.

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    there is not a saying:'' Come in Small Packages,the best things ''

    For my part I like best when I have control over them

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    Quote Originally Posted by Benny Hill View Post
    Big breast photos attract more guys, but smaller breast are like Hertz car rental................they try harder.
    You mean Avis. Avis's slogan was they try harder.

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    Lily from Montreal
    Me, I just don't know what to do with big breast loll for my taste less is better...give me a skinny flat-chested redhead lady and you just lost me loll..I know (and I am sure you know by now )I have a fixation on rehead loll

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    I prefer women with small breasts and a girl with fake breasts looses my interest completely. My preference is for B or C cups. Although I have not noticed any pattern between service and breast size.
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    Kansas Frank
    I think it depends on the lady`s personality. Some are naturally sexy, regardless of whether they are well endowed. I prefer B cup size, but A cup size is rather fun as well. Anything bigger than C gets in the way -- I keep bouncing off of her. B/C are my favorite sizes. I tend to get more sympathy from SP`s with A & B cup sizes because my junk is average size. But I got a 45 minute from an experienced SP with C cup! It`s all about chemistry. IF I connect with an SP, we have fun, regardless of the size of her breasts.

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