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Thread: St. John the Baptist day

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    St. John the Baptist day

    Is that a bad time to go to Montreal for hobbying?

    I have already booked a hotel for that weekend, without realizing it is a holiday weekend.
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    Should be a good time. many locals will be tied up with family, travel, etc.
    Just to be sure, call ahead to your providers of choice to make sure they'll be open.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HG Hunter View Post
    Should be a good time. many locals will be tied up with family, travel, etc..
    That's part of the problem, the girls, the drivers and the agency owner/operators are also locals !

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    Should be a great time. All the true French separatist ho's will be only too happy to fuch da hinglish!! On la fete de saint jean.

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    St-Jean is Quebec national holiday!

    The most important holiday in Quebec!

    I doubt there will be a full lineup of girls available if the agency is open.
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    Nueromag! Its a great week end to be in Montréal, but less so for hobbying. It won't be totally deserted, but a lot of the girls will go away on the week end, especially that it's a long week end. It's a party week end for people with their friends or families... If it rains though some may stay in town to work, but otherwise...

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    Quote Originally Posted by hormone View Post
    especially that it's a long week end....
    Yep do the math !
    Since July 1st is also a holiday...

    For anyone on payroll who takes 4 days vacation (27,28,29,30) they get a vacation from June 24th to July 3rd. That's a 10 days straight out of only 4 days taken from their holidays.

    This is one reason why a lota people go on vacation that week in Quebec... or move !

    For roughly about 200K-250K people each year, it's actually the occasion for moving :
    Just another social difference-fact...
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