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Thread: Input/feedback re working in the oil sands of Alberta

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    Kansas Frank

    Question Input/feedback re working in the oil sands of Alberta

    Hello Everyone:

    I was watching CBS's "60 Minutes" several weeks ago when it featured a story about the oil sands of Alberta and how an entry level employee, who is only 22 year old, is earning $120,000 plus annually (Canadian dollars, which is stonger than the US's). Except for the extreme harsh weather, the employee whom they interviewed was happy -- he's making enough money to raise his young family and see them often (they live far, far, far away).

    So, I'm thinking, I may want to quit my stressful profession in the States and move to Alberta and get a job as an oil worker. (I can easily go visit Montreal on my days off --.)

    Oh, I have counsins and nieces who are Canadian citizens and live in Edmonton and TO and they pay lots of taxes but enjoy wonderful social benefits, especially health care.

    Any of you know of anyone who is working up there in the oil sands? Are you working there? Any feedback and input would be much appreciated.

    If the US ecoomy continues to stagnate, the middle class in the States will continue to be perish. I really love Canadians and Canada. I wonder if I'll have any problems getting a job in Canada as a US citizen -- please don't hate us. I'm sorry for the bad ways my fellow Americans have treated our brothers and sisters in Canada.


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    It cant be any worse than Kansas...I was just there and it was 105 and the winter it is freezing and you get tornandos. The people are nice but the are not GFE...they want to invite you to church instead. Church! Yuk!!!!
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    Kansas Frank
    Thanks Hungry. Funny. Yes, everyone in Kansas pretends that they love going to Church. That's why I left and have been living in another crazy state -- Arizona, which has very brutal summers with temps that are simply oppressive and we got folks who are simly way too conserative.

    Next to Norwegians, Canadians are some of the nicest people on earth. I may have to work out more to build more muscles so I can wear the necessary clothes to cope with Alberta's extreme cold weather. I think Montreal is the best Hobbyland and there are plenty of fun things to do after and before meeting with Montreal's SP's.

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