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Thread: Red marks on my pelvic area.......

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    Red marks on my pelvic area.......

    I went to see a new SP. The next day, there were two red marks on my pelvic area, and like an abrasion mark where my testicles meet my leg. There was nothing at all on my penis or testicle area. There was no burning sensation when going to the bathroom, or anything out of the ordinary.

    I did go see my doctor, whom I am sort of friends with, and had him look at it, "off the record". He said it looks like there is hair trauma, as if the hairs look like they have been pulled on, or out. He said if it doesn't heal in 2 weeks, to call him. It has just about fully healed, after more than 2 weeks. I recall some discomfort during the sex in reverse cowgirl position, but don't recall any specific moment where it felt like hair was being pulled on.

    I have been avoiding relations with my significant other, just out of worry, and uncertainty.

    If it was an STD, wouldn't it get worse without treatment?

    Anyone on here ever experience something similar to this?

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    I experienced this when i was younger wearing tighter jeans just above my knee and behind my calf. It does happen occasionally around my groin area when being grinded on in CG / RCG. Can sort of resemble the red dots you can get with sensitive skin shaving with a bad razor. Id only avoid sexual contact as it is quite unattractive.

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    For peace of mind, I am getting tested tomorrow.

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    most probably, its just ingrown hairs, they do tend to hurt.
    I hope its nothing serious Kaydee1968, take care :O)

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    Test results are all negative. False alarm,

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    There's some peace of mind, eh, kd? Are you sure it wasn't from the whips, chains, and leather? Just asking.
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    Good to hear that it's negative. Now you need to rest. get a vacay or perhaps a spa.

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