View Poll Results: Married Hobbyists - what would you say to the younger (uncommitted) hobbyist?

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  • Never Get Married

    11 35.48%
  • Get Married - Tell her about your hobby beforehand

    4 12.90%
  • Get Married - Hobby on the side in secret

    9 29.03%
  • Get Married - Give up the hobby and concentrate on your family

    7 22.58%
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Thread: Married Hobbyists - what would you tell to the younger (uncommttied) hobbysistst?

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    Married Hobbyists - what would you tell to the younger (uncommttied) hobbysistst?

    Last year I took a poll around the married (or otherwise committed) hobbyists and essentially (round figures)

    50% of married men hobby in some secret of their SO's
    10% do if against their SO's disapproval
    40% do it with their SO's implicit or implied permission

    So the question remains, if you were were to tell bachelor hobbyist about marriage....

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    If a Mod could correct my inability to spell check before posting the subject, it would be appreciated


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    There is one reason for marriage and one reason only: To have kids. If I would have known about places like Montreal, Brasil, Argentina, FKKS, Thailand, etc I would have probably never married. If you ever marry keep your hobby a secret...better yet find a freak that will allow you to go on hobby trips and occasionally join you for a 3-sum. If you are able bodied and chose t work, No matter who you marry, get a prenup. the fuckin bitches will get everything in the United States of Sex Prison!

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    If you're married, and hobby before or after, no good will come out of such a marriage.

    If you can bang your SO silly 5+ times a week at age 50, and both enjoy it, you won't want to hobby. If you start to want to hobby - which is essentially YOU wanting to be pampered the way YOU want, your marriage is KAPUT.

    Staying single, not raising kids, concentrate on a good career, travel overseas and make friends. Fuck friends - friends with benefits, and the regular girls you "rent" who will give you awesome mileage in exchange for the repeat business.

    With kids, no matter how many you make, ingredients you use, time you spend, what comes out of the production plant will torment you to no end for a good 30+ years.
    Much easier to be a wonderful Uncle, and your brother/sister will be so happy for the break.

    I think the secret to a wonderful marriage is being brainwashed - very much like a wild dog becomes domesticated, rolls on his back for a tummy rub, and is grateful even if he just gets pat on the head.
    ...larger than ever
    ...but divorce had me lose weight...I can see the tip now!

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