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Thread: Why has discussing rimjobs "RJ" service always been taboo in the Hobbying community?

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    Why has discussing rimjobs "RJ" service always been taboo in the Hobbying community?

    We openly discuss girls that will deepthroat, allow face fucking, cum in mouth, swallow, cum on face, golden shower, anal, and I've even seen a few posts about SP's giving prostate massage.

    We chronicle all these activities in detailed reviews and even log them into spreadsheets now.

    But when it comes to SP's giving rimjobs to clients, discussing that seems to be off limits. Some SP's offer it and other are more than happy to oblige if asked.

    It's rarely discussed in public reviews and if it is, the poster will get a bunch of PM's either asking if you know of other SP's or if you want to trade intelligence.

    Just curious as I think this type of think is "common" PSE service in the European community.

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    A lot of Korean SPs are open to this. A cultural thing I guess. I haven't discussed it as I haven't run into any SPs who do this. I've never asked any if they did this either. Very few do and It's not something that I really am too concerned about.

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    Taboo?? Amazing what you can find using the search function...

    Maybe we don't see more about that because not that many people are interested?

    I'm very tempted to close the thread since, as far as I can tell, the "taboo" on MERB is only in the mind of a member who can't be bothered searching.

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    As a mental midget, I am obviously using your search function erroneously so as a training exercise for myself and my inbred cousins perhaps you could show me the best way to search for reviews posted in the last year that detail this particular service.

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    Since "rim" is a 3-letter word and MERB does not support 3-letter word searches, one option is to perform a Google site search of MERB. Here is an example of such a search (Note: the additional search parms were added in order to exclude any discussion of tire rims and Research in Motion (RIM) from the search results):

    You can use Google`s "Advanced search" to further qualify the search - for example, to include only more recent information.

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    I agree that there's no reason to believe that this is taboo to discuss. I see it mentioned in numerous reviews.

    For my own part, it's not something I enjoy, so none of my reviews with mention it unless a girl happens to offer. My suspicion is that this is less popular than the other activities you mention and that this explains why you find it mentioned less often.

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    R-I-M-J-O-B. As far as I can tell, that's 6 letters so the search engine won't get fussy. (I hate this search engine with passion).

    Try entering the word "rimjob" in the "Search Single Content Type" tab and you'll get 10 occurrences for the year 2011 and over 140 since MERB opened. I don't see a taboo, only a trend that goes with the amount of people who are interested. There are many more people looking for DFK/DATY than rimjobs, that's why you don't see more rimjob discussions.

    RobinX's solution is an excellent one I also use often. The only problem now is, with the obligation to be a member in order to read threads, Google search might have problems.

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    Have you tried using the simple merb search with the word "rimming". There are hundreds of matches.

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