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Thread: Foreign Hobbyist & The Law

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    Question Foreign Hobbyist & The Law

    Hello Monteal,

    Newbie on board here. I have been a lurker on the board for a couple years and have found a great deal of information to help in planning the occassional visit to beautiful Montreal and your beautiful ladies. Now I find myself with the opportunity to visit more often and as a result have some questions about the law. I have a general understanding of the law from experience and I have done my homework and searched the board extensively, but have not found the answers the my specific questions.

    I am interested in 1 and 2 girl outcall services and have read reviews on many and narrowed my choices. Since my time on each visit is limited, I would like to set up appintments in advance, but am not clear on how best to do this legally since I do not live in Canada.

    So here are my specific questions:
    1) Should I make appointments by email or telephone (landline or cell phone)?
    2) How far in advance can/should I book appointments?
    3) Does LE treat foreign citizens differently?

    These may sound like overly paranoid questions, but I am used to living under very Puritanical laws and want to have a good time without getting myself into any trouble that I can avoid by simply asking a question on the helpful folks on MERB.

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    1. Depends on the agency, but usually by email with no discussion of any particular services to be performed or not. There is no need to be concerned about sending emails in this hobby if you know what needs to be said. Use common sense.

    2. Depends on the agency, some do not accept advance booking

    3. No, LE only treats stunods and dumbkopfs differently.

    With respect to your paranoia, see the recent thread "Merbites and the law."

    I think you need to do a tad more research than what you have done.
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    Thanks for the info.

    I had read the link you referenced as well as every other thread that searches on law, legal, illegal, and many other related terms brought up. I guess I should have been clearer that my concerns had to do with being a foreigner and making arrangement from outside of Canada. From what I read the debate about if cell phones and email were public or private communication had not been settled in court yet. Further, since even on a land line I would be calling from the US, I wasn't sure if that changed anything.

    I realize I have nothing to fear if I wait until I arrrive in Monteal to make arrangements, but that risks not being able to book the SP's I have selected. I suppose there are worse quandries in life.

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    So long as you are discreet in your communications you don't have anything to worry about.

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