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Thread: When A Dubutante Overstays Her Welcome

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    When A Dubutante Overstays Her Welcome

    Now we all like seeing dubutantes for different reasons whether it's for the virgin SP meat or the simplistic nature of a girl new to the biz before being corrupted by it.

    I had my chance awhile back to meet such a girl new to the biz but definately not new to sex. It was her second night and I was only her second customer ever and from what she told me her first customer was not a very good experience. She was very nervous and ask if I had alcohol, me being the type that makes sure the girl is relaxed and comfortable offered her some shots. Well it wasn't long before we were both buzzing and it was time to get things started. Anyhow 1 hour was the agreed time and confirmed only problem was that she stayed for 2 hours. Not that I wanted her to stay for 2 hours it was just that she wouldn't leave. Apparently the 4-5 shots we took were starting to take it's effect. She was feeling guilty about having sex for money and was telling how she wasn't that type of girl and how she's just doing this for the short term, blah blah blah. I was just thinking WTF, I paid the girl already and I want her to leave. Her driver eventually starts calling and texting her. I'm starting to get nervous as she's ignoring her drivers calls and tells me how much she likes me and wants to see me again. Eventually she does acknowledge her driver with a text 30 minutes after the hour was up. There was no way I was going to touch her while she was in that crazy state eventhough she was still naked and looked like she was ready for more. I kept my end of the arrangment but she was not keeping hers by not leaving. I eventually convinced her that her agency was not going to be happy with her staying so long and finally got rid of her.

    Now I've had debutantes that were relaxed and fun while being new to the biz. I've also had debutantes that were nervous and tense to the point where she asked me to stop penetration so she could relax a bit so her pussy wouldn't tense up. But this was the first time I've had a debutante go thru a whole guilt trip with me. I'm no expert but if you decide to open up pandoras box you better be able to deal with it.
    "Just When I Thought I Was Out.....They Pull Me Back In!!!"

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    You should've called me, we could have fucked her like they do on YouPorn. Win-win situation for everyone. You see it the way I see it?.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Lovemaker View Post
    You should've called me, we could have fucked her like they do on YouPorn. Win-win situation for everyone. You see it the way I see it?
    Call the Lovermaker hotline if this should happen to you. Oh man what a problem!

    Lovermaker - please leave your cell and we will make this a sticky

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    Great idea, we need a Lovemaker sticky!

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