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Thread: Who are the most useful reviewers?

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    Who are the most useful reviewers?

    Hope we can discuss this without starting a flame war. But the Delta 123 thread got me thinking ... a whole lot of people post at Merb, but most of us post more chitchat than we do reviews. Which I guess is fine in practice, but the reviews are still what keep the place going. So who are the reviewers who really make this site useful for you? Who has steered you right and kept you coming back for info?

    I don`t hobby all that much, so my choice comes down to one review, Manapart`s review of Daryn at Eleganza. Wow, talk about a good tip. His review convinced me to see her, and it was one of the best times of my life.

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    There is already a thread on this subject:
    Reliable Reviewers List -

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    Well, boop boop a doop.

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    Wiki-Robin strikes again... ur good Robin!

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