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Thread: SP with UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), should guys be worried

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    SP with UTI (Urinary Tract Infection), should guys be worried

    Met a girl once who showed up at my room only to appologize that she cannot service me because of UTI (urinary tract infection).

    It was kinda disapointing as I was worked up over seeing her but I do understand shit happens.

    My question is if she would have not said anything and I would have performed DATY and penetration with her would I have caught anything?
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    You should contact a qualified health professional. No one here on MERB is able to answer such a question with anything other than an opinion.

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    It might be worth noting why even your doctor can't answer such a question with great accuracy: "infection" covers a huge range of possibilities in terms of organisms. It could be, and probably is, Escherichia coli or possibly a species of Staphylococcus, but it could also be Neisseria gonorrheae, which causes urethritis but is an entirely different kettle of fish.

    Note that there's a difference between "could have" and "would have". It is never, ever possible to determine with certainty what "would have" happened under other circumstances. It's often possible to make educated guesses about what "could have" happened.

    I'm curious how you fear you might catch something with "penetration" (I'm assuming vaginal). You would have worn a condom, right? How are bacteria (which are to viruses as skyscrapers are to cars) going to get through latex that can stop HIV?

    Although nothing's certain without a culture, statistically, a large majority of young women with typical "UTI" symptoms do, in fact, have lower urinary tract infections, almost always with E. coli. It is statistically unlikely to contract an oral or male urethral infection from sexual contact with women with common UTI's. If you have ever had unprotected oral or vaginal sex, you have almost certainly at some point done so with a woman with a UTI. In other words, the scenario you mention (SP has a UTI, doesn't tell you, you go down on her) is almost guaranteed to have happened to you already if you make a habit of performing oral sex on SP's.

    I'm not really sure I'd want to rely on the self-diagnosis of a stranger in any event, for either presence of or absence of infectious illness.

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    An UTI is not harmful to you , unless you have a cut lip and doing a DATY. For your female partner it is a great risk because she can worsen her infection since in your mouth there are Microflora or microbacterias (since we all know that the oral cavity is far from pristine for anyone) present that can stimulate the progression of her UTI.
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