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Thread: The NEW Toronto Maple Leafs DEATH WATCH THREAD

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    The NEW Toronto Maple Leafs DEATH WATCH THREAD

    Since the old one was closed by Mop8 I think it's time to start a brand new one.

    The Habs have Gomez who sucks real bad, but the Leafs are stuck with the likes of Komisarek (president of the Milan Lucic screwed my career club), Kulemin, Connolly, Armstrong, McCarthur,Schenn,Aulie,Reimer, Da Monster and Phil the shill Kessel,( Mr. Invisible when the going gets tough). What a disaster this season is turning out to be. And what has shit for Brains Burke done.... a big fat NOTHING.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Octavian View Post
    Since the old one was closed by Mop8 I think it's time to start a brand new one.
    Are you sure the original, CLASSIC thread was closed? I just looked it up on page 2 and I didn't find any posts claiming it was closed.

    You're spot on about Komi. He was never much anyway but after being humiliated and exposed by Lucic he's been nothing but a liability...and an EXPENSIVE one at that!

    By the way I'm not a Don Cherry fan but I LOVED the way he ripped into the Leafs defence after their crushing loss to the Canucks last night!

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    The old thread is in fact closed. Threads such as this should deal with the current season only. I have no objection if anyone starts a similar thread for any other team as well.

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    tic tic tic tic

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    Leafs now 10th. Let's hope the Habs keep losing so that they have a chance at one of the two Russian stars in the upcoming draft. Who knows, Habs and Leafs might get the top 2 picks.

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    Besides the president of the Milan Lucic ruined my career club, is there a worst defenseman in the NHL than Luke Schenn ?

    Does Phil Kessel ever score when it really matters?

    Is Ron Wilson really coming back next year?

    Connolly,Armstrong and Lombardi. Is there a more expensive 4TH line in all of the NHL? 11 fucking million dollar 4th line.

    Give the "brain" a 10 year extension, he totally deserves it.

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    Leaf fans comments after tonight's game :

    1. Strange Creature .. If Brian Burke has done an 'excellent' job with this team, why is it that EVERY year John Ferguson Jr was GM, the Leafs finished with MORE points in the standings. EVERY year. Burke promised truculence and a tough team to play against ... all I see is one of the SOFTEST teams in the NHL about to miss the playoffs for the 4th year in a row. Even then Burke will tell us how great Wilson has been as a coach. Its time for MLSE to stand up and do what is right.

    2.Put Wilson in the net and bring Burke in to coach the Zamboni driver.. Then let PB93 coach!

    3.One of the cardinal sins in hockey was committed today. Not on the ice by a player, but in front of the microphone by the coach after the game.

    4.Here come Leaf fans again. Now the answer is Colbourne (58th in AHL scoring) Aulie(who looked like a pee wee against the Canucks) and Kadri (4ft 7 and soft). I'll let you in on a secret, every AHL team has a Colbourne, Aulie and Kadri...or better. There's a reason they are in the AHL.

    5.Thank God the Leafs took Schenn instead of Myers. (Burke is a genius after all)

    6.No fear Leaf fans. It's Burke! As long as there is a draft pick to trade, there is always a way!!!

    7.Soft forwards....slow footed defencemen....questionable goaltending....a Coach that takes no responsibility for his team's play.....and a GM that has misread his teams' needs for four years.....recipe for where the Leafs find themselves this evening.

    8.Man we are almost as bad as the Habs.

    9.I have been a Leaf Fan all my life and I`m in my 40`s. I have never felt this bad about our team. I just watched a team that is life and death to make the playoffs not even show up. The worst part is our GM won`t fire his coach despite everyone in the hockey world knowing its overdue. I guess all we can do is wait out the Burke era. Geez has it ever been this bad I mean at least in Harold`s final days we had Wendel to cheer for. Who do we have now.... Wheres the pride...wheres the heart and most of all wheres the accountability. Burke has free reign. Everyone knew he was the next GM before he left Anaheim and when you sneak around the rules the hockey Gods punish you.

    10.We could have had Ken Hitchcock. Oh right he's Canadian. Goodbye and thanks for nothing Ron Wilson. Take your ego somewhere else.

    11.10th place and in a free fall, Leafs are done. April 7th the Leafs and Habs will do battle for last place

    12.Intangibles play an important role in a winning organization. Leafs have no intangibles. No matter what they do, they will always be a loser organization. New ownership should shrine all Maple Leaf history and memorabilia (only good up to 1967); change the name of the franchise; change the logo and team colours. Give the city of Toronto a fresh new start with a new franchise.

    13.hey burke, why can't you just admit your a bad GM, i thought you said you would be tough on these players by sitting them or sending down to the farm team if they did not give you 60 minutes or 100%, and you thought your defence was best in the league or close too it.

    14.It's time to run Burkie and his brash dumb ass American ATTITUDE out of Hogtown, and put some Canadian influence into this team.

    15.Ron Wilson , born in Windsor Ontario , but coaches for the U.S. team and considers himself an American speaks volumes about his character ! I got nothing bad to say about the U.S. here but I was born in Canada and I for 1 is very proud to call myself CANADIAN !

    16.Don't worry Toronto sports fans, your reputation as worst sports city in North America is safe .

    17.Let's take a quick look back to July 1st when Nonis took care of business while the 3 mil dollar a year man was in Afghanistan pouring coffee. You remember? Nonis told us the market was over inflated but decided to pay Tim "Glass head Connolly 4.5 to score 10 goals .
    Erik Cole Car to Mtl. 22G 22 A 44 pts. 3rd in scoring for Mtl
    Maxime Talbot Pgh to Phi 17G 11A
    Kris Versteeg, Traded now in FLA 22G 27A Burke Brain Fart.

    This is just 3 of the names along with a guy named Jovanovski who is a solid defenceman
    and another guy named Kaberle who was also pretty good if JFJ didn't trade McCabe away.

    Still think Burkie is the Messiah there Leaf Tards?
    I can't wait for the next blast of smoke. It's going to be funny how the 3 mil a year Man reacts when the press calls him out.

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    Leaf fans are very loyal. They deserve better. I watched the game. I don't think the fans should boo Reimer. Boo Phaneuf !

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    One of the old guys
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    The first thread of the same name was put to a halt by the moderator last fall because it had led to an all-out flame war in several sports threads.

    What's changed? Why is a thread that was already put an end to by a moderator just a few months ago allowed to exist once again?

    I'm just asking, because if it's okay to revive such a thread, i can think of a number of threads that i also plan to revive.

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    Seriously Doc,

    I don't like a thread made for the sole purpose of picking on the Leafs. But at least you can post here. That makes it more than a balance with a Leafs adoration thread where others cannot post contrasting opinions at all...and the two members have tried for suspensions on anyone who attempted it.

    The Leafs are not moving upward at the moment. It's a simple fact. Criticism of a spiraling situation is natural. You seemed to have had no trouble pushing that point very, very, VERY hard when the Sox spiraled. Fair is fair. The Leafs situation stinks, like the Sox did. I dealt with it's your turn.

    Octavian, what does Burke's being American have to do with the fact he is failing?

    Truthfully, I feel bad about the way things are going for the Leafs. I thought honestly that they would be one of the lower ranking playoff teams this year. It's a discouraging situation for anyone who likes rooting for the underdogs who haven't been to the finals in sooo long. I agree with Octavian that after four years under Burke the Leafs should be making a competitive showing...throughout the year.

    Looking at the Leafs injury list it isn't more significant than the other teams with similar or better records thus far like the Flyers, Devils, Capitals, Jets, Senators. The Penguins murdered the Lighting last night with greater injuries than the Leafs, even the top ranking Rangers have nearly as many injuries listed in number...though maybe not in quality.

    After four years under Burke the Leafs should be doing better.



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    One of the old guys
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    What's the use of banning/closing down threads when someone returns a few months later & starts a new thread with the same name of a thread that was previously banned?

    That's all i'm asking & wondering about the logic behind it.

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    The last thread was closed due to general problems in all sports threads and because the season was over. New season, new thread. Everyone has been reading posts from Leaf fans about how fantastic the Leafs will be this year since the season began. Leaf fans also have their own thread that is off limits to all criticism. It is only fair to allow those who are not Leaf fans to have their say. As long as the discussion remains in this thread, there will be no problem.

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    In Burke they trust...

    Enjoy life my friends....

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