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Thread: Trip Report - December 2011

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    Trip Report - December 2011

    I spent a few days in Montreal in December, arrived on a Tuesday afternoon left Friday morning. Booked a room using hotwire - $90 night at 4 star hotel in the middle of downtown. The quality and cost in Montreal compared to where I live is phenomenal, so try to pack in as much hobbying as possible. I believe some girls have moved since I saw them, below is the agency I did booking with. Boy did I have fun, good time of year for hobbying as I saw a number of girls that were “home for the holidays”…

    Day 1 - 1st appt. - Natalia @ Angel Escorts - She said she only does incalls now, personal preference - she doesn`t like traveling around. Got to hotel, called Tony, got room number, went up. I was her first appointment. Very pleased when she opened the door - very pretty, young and skinny. Chatted a bit and started the action. Only lfk, I prefer dfk, but didn`t push for more. Her breasts are perfect size fun to suck, but nipples didn`t get hard at all, so you kind of get impression she wasn`t really into it. Went for DATY, her pussy is beautiful and I was having fun, but she kept me at top of her clit. was just ok. Got condom, applied lube (she is very tight) and went through the various positions ending with mish and COB. Chatted a bit more and she sucked me for a few more minutes (no second shot). Overall a nice time, but not a sexually charged atmosphere, maybe after a year I`d try again.

    Day 1 - 2nd appt. - Prada @ Eleganza - Prada is a pretty gnd with a nice body and spectacular breasts. She has only been escorting for a couple of months, but has excellent skills. Her English is not great (I know no French) but communication was never really an issue. She has a small piercing bottom lip, which was a little distracting. Started with some good DFK and couldn`t wait to get to her breasts and moved onto DATY. She really seemed to enjoy it, lots of good moaning action. I asked for 69 with me on bottom so I could continue to suck on and play with her pussy. So I was preoccupied, but from what I recall the was great. Started with CG, moved to a position with us both in sitting position, which moved to mish. Did a number of other positions, again she really seemed into it the whole time with lots of moaning. Finished with doggie and came on her back. Overall a great experience.

    Day 1 - 3rd appt. - Diamond @ Devilish - Diamond has pretty/exotic face with a killer body and her skin is flawless. was decent - she does a lot of eye contact and saliva action. Had to try the DATY for kicks and yes she is super sensitive down there - ended up getting too distracting. Went through all positions and yes doggie is a beautiful view. Best position of the day - me on my knees/sitting, picked her up (she is light) facing/straddling me and grabbing her ass and thrusting her hard back and forth onto my cock. I`m getting an erection just thinking about it. Finished with a very spirited cow girl to get me to come in hat. She said she used to work with My Secret Club as Alyssa - turns out I had booked her for one of her US trips but she got stopped at the border and had to cancel her trip.

    Day 1 - 4th appt. - Kellyann @ Chloe`s Playground - She is a pretty gnd with a nice body, but needs to lose the tummy fat. Started with some LFK/DFK - but more on the light side - so for me not a great start. We quickly disrobed and she gets into a side/side 69 position - sure why not. Excellent skills and pussy tasted great. Started with CG and I`d say she is more experienced with that position than others. Worked up a really good sweat going through the other positions. It was a late night at the casino the prior night, a long drive and being #4 of the day, I had no more juice in me. I asked for more , which she happily did - I had to eventually say enough, I just wasn`t going to come again. She said she used to work for Devilish, then she was a masseuse in Quebec City for a couple of years, now back in Montreal. I had a fun time with her, very good service.

    Day 2 - 1st appt. - Angel @ Angel Escorts - Angel is a pretty girl, jet black hair, fair amount of make-up around the eyes, gothy looking. 2 small piercings - one that goes through the lip and the other on her check. Started with some lfk, didn`t get anything close to dfk the whole session. She asked me what I wanted, strange, came across as if she was new at this, but she said she has been working for 3 years (mostly in Toronto). Huge, in progress, tat that covers her entire back - has scary looking devil clown, seven skulls and the 7 deadly sins. Got naked and she went straight for my cock, I thought her skills were above average (good coordinated hand action with lots of spit). Started fs with cow girl, started slow and gradually increased to a furious pace. Switched to reverse cg, that was a beautiful sight - watching my cock slide in/out with view of her tight ass. Even did reverse cg with her leaning back supporting herself suspended above me - girl is in shape. Then to doggie, her fragrance was driving me crazy so took a break for some DATY, then to lazy doggie and asked if I could CIM. Sure she said, finished me orally with a little ass play to get me to come in mouth - went to bathroom right after. Excellent session, but not much of a connection.

    Day 2 - 2nd appt. - Tara @ Eleganza - WOW, that was awesome! She is extremely pretty, she could be Kim Kardashian`s twin. Don`t know if she had a treatment to her lips, but they are very full. Her English is not great, but no problem communicating. So not much chit chat, she quickly disrobed, what a body. She is big frame, but not much fat, except she has a KK ass. Great big man-mades with very perky nipples. She started right in with some DFK, hadn`t gotten much on this trip so far so I was pumped about that. Spent some time on her DD`s until she pushed me back onto the bed and started with . Not the best, just head bobbing top half of shaft. With her on all fours I did DATY from behind and even did some DATO, lot of moaning on her part. Went through every position, with DFK mixed in and looking at her face and DD`s, it was just a spectacular experience. She was very vocal throughout and really seemed to be enjoying herself. After a quick clean up she came back to the bed and just laid there looking at me with the most sincere expression. All I could think was god damn is she beautiful. We chatted about her life, really nice girl.

    Day 2 - 3rd appt. - Angelina @ Angel Escorts - Very very late. Walks in and yes she is very attractive, exactly what you would expect looking at her photos on the website. Started with LFK, with the ``Sex Maniac`` heading I was hoping for more, but I guess the details don`t say DFK. Anyways, she quickly moved to . She uses flavored lube for everything, including the . Pretty good technique. Went through all the positions and 69, lubing up each time we changed positions, all enjoyable but I got the impression she was just trying to get me to come. We took a break for some snacks (she really liked the Cheeze-its). She said she mostly works incalls in Toronto (Mirage), but was home for the holidays. She wants to stop escorting soon because her boyfriend doesn`t like it (probably why she doesn`t do DFK). Thinking about starting her own agency. Not much time left, so wasn`t expecting anything more but she offered some action and then some doggie.

    Day 2 - 4th appt. - Alysson @ Angel Escorts - One of those rare occasions not doing full research paid off. Saw she was on, like her pictures, but didn`t check merb reviews. If I had, I wouldn`t have booked her. She walks into room and I realize she used to be Alycia at xxxtase. Was the one of my not so great experiences from a year ago (was end of her shift, she smelled like cigs, there was a mix up on how long I booked which killed the mood, etc). Doubted she remembered me, so decided to try and make the best of it. She asked to take shower, but she was really quick. She has a smoking hot body, good number of tats and a piercing on face. Got to action right away (her English isn`t great and I speak no French), DFK for a while and she goes for a quick with me on my knees, very good. She lies back on the bed and I go down on her. She seemed to be into it so I stayed down there for quite a while, if I came up for air she would start playing with/fingering herself - awesome to watch. Started with her on top, did 4-5 different versions of CG - one was unbelievable with her moving her hips back and forth so fast I was surprised my dick didn`t fall off. Mish, doggie (beautiful sight), 90 degree angle type position, lazy doggie, some more oral and I came in hat with another round of spirited CG. DFK mixed in throughout. Time was already up. Stellar service.

    Day 2 - 5th appt. - Erika @ Girls on Fire - Not my best choice this trip, was intrigued by the rough sex comments. 50 mins late, said there was drama with prior client - didn`t want to pay. Right off the bat I should have ended it, but it was already 2am and finding a replacement didn`t seem to be an option. Was expecting a much prettier girl based on some prior reviews, she looked tired - probably had a few drinks beforehand. She has an in-your face attitude - say anything she wants, which I was fine with - I found amusing. I had some candy and crackers, which she gladly accepted, said she hadn`t eaten dinner because of the drama with last client. She also asked for a glass of wine, OK. Belch here and there throughout the evening. DFK was good, except for the chocolate, cheese cracker, wine combo breath. + DT was very good. Got condom and I asked for CG. She got on and within 15 seconds she had to get off, her legs hurt. So moved to doggie and I gave her a good hard pounding. Flipped her over for some DATY, nice pussy and all but I`m guessing she was struggling to stay awake because there was no reaction what so ever. Went through several more positions before she said she wanted to check the time. She said I had 4 minutes left, because she needed 10 minutes for shower. So we did standing doggie at a furious pace for 4 minutes until I came in hat. Didn`t get any of the ``give it to me harder/faster`` type comments I was expecting, in fact she wasn`t very vocal at all.

    Day 3 - 1st appt. - Jessie @ XXXtase - Very pleasurable experience. Bleach blond, pretty face, couple of face piercings, well proportioned body, entire back is a tat and she just added words in Latin to her sides (7 sins/7 virtues). Started with some passionate DFK, with good hand/sucking/spit action, turned into 69. She said she doesn`t like CG because of snowboard accident a few years ago so started with mish. She said she had an O, to doggie again she said she had an O, to lazy doggie which was very intense with her sucking hard on my fingers - may have been a hat trick on the O front. Amazed I hadn`t come yet she offered to do CG. Went slowly, felt great, but think it was starting to hurt, so after a few minutes we stopped. Back to doggie and watching us in the mirror was an awesome sight - pulled out and came on her back. She works mostly in Toronto (Mirage), home for the holidays.

    Day 3 - 2nd appt. - Nika @ Eleganza - I was out when Eleganza called and left message at hotel that the girl I booked canceled (Mykaela – damn am I pissed I missed out on seeing her). They had Nika available - I wasn`t really interested in booking her as the pictures on the website were not very appealing to me, but got recommendation from a trusted source so went with it. Turned out to be one of the better sessions of the trip and only one I wished we had more time. She has red hair, green eyes and very pretty face. Skinny body and small tits. Started off with DFK, best of the trip - I couldn`t get enough. Switched it up and moved to DATY, she was the most responsive down there this trip, so I stayed down there extra long. My turn, skills very good. Looked at the clock, damn only 15 minutes of action left. Covered up and onto CG, good hip movement, and then moved to me sitting on end of bed with her facing me - legs wrapped around me - that was awesome position. Picked her up, spun around and onto mish and a few other positions. I definitely wanted to keep going but time was up and she had to shower. She has full time job so probably won`t be doing this long term - maybe for another 6 months. Overall a great session with a very pretty girl.

    Day 3 - 3rd appt. - Elektra @ Girls on Fire - xxxtase cancelled onme last minute so scrambled to find replacement, opted for Electra at GOF. There is a merb review that contains a link to pictures (WOW) of her from the agency she works for in Toronto (her rate in Toronto is $325). She walks in, WOW. Very pretty, close resemblance to Kendra Wilkinson. Her breasts are magnificent (natural DD) as is her body and nice natural toned skin. She starts with DFK but quickly changes the subject. Goes for , but quickly changes the subject. I go for DATY, which is very pretty, but no finger insertion and didn`t get impression she was enjoying herself. We fucked in all the positions, she makes really good eye contact and facial expressions. From a pure, fucking a beautiful woman sense, she`s was awesome - I just didn`t have a great connection with her (could be YMMV). Pleasant light conversation after.

    Day 3 - 4th appt. - Nelly @ Girls on Fire - Replacement for girl that showed up out of her mind. Booker said she would be there in 20-30 minutes. An hour later (now past 2am) she shows up. Arguably I am not in a good mood having sent prior girl home and I`m starting to get tired. She has an average face and she wears braces. Very nice body, tight/toned, nice size breasts. English is just ok. Asks that I wash my hands, I just took a shower, but ok. Some DFK was nice, but braces and the fact that she had been drinking coffee were distractions. was below average and can`t help but think she`s going to cut me with her braces. She tends to jump around a lot. She swings around to do 69 and get an unpleasant whiff of ass - ok I won’t breath in my nose for the next 5 minutes. Nice pussy, which was finger friendly, and could tell she was really enjoying it. Condom up and couple different CG positions - good movement. Pull out to switch to mish and there is blood on the condom. She asks if I care. Didn`t think of it at the time, but she wiped the blood off the condom and now it`s on the sheets, great. Did mish, took condom off and some more . Got a fresh condom and do standing doggie and came in hat. I go to bathroom to clean up. I guess she figured she was done (this was only about 35 minutes into the session) as she showered and got dressed. It was late and I wanted to go to bed, so fine.

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    Holy crap man. After 3 SOG in one day, I can only do 1 maybe 2 SOG the next day, recoup then do 3 SOG the next day. My record is about 5 SOG in one day. You did 3 days with at least 14 SOG. Wow.

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