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Thread: The battle of incalls Round one NADYA'S VIPs versus GOODGIRLS

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    Lightbulb The battle of incalls Round one NADYA'S VIPs versus GOODGIRLS

    Recently most agencies in a lack of revenue turned to incalls to compensate for their lost in dollars.
    So I have decided to compare the various incall agencies versus each other in terms of quality of organization .
    It's simple, who's got their shit together
    1- Advanced bookings
    2- Clean place

    We could include many things to this , but lets keep it simple. Remember this is not about reviewing sp's
    and about TODAY 2012.
    What we want here is to so see who in 2012 provides with the best incall arrangements .

    In round one we have Nadya's VIPs versus Goodgirls .

    Goodgirls :
    I called in Friday the moment Shelly's pictures were posted on Merb.
    Got Mike on the phone Friday about 7pm and made pre-bookings arrangements for 4pm Saturday.
    Mike took my information down and said that he would get back to me early afternoon for the Hotel and stuff.
    Well guess what . NOTHING . No calls , no text messages like he told me .
    Mike tu tent souvient "" Tu sais tu je commence a me trouver bon ""
    Ben oui t'é ben bon .
    Now before the holidays the same thing happened , no calls, nothing and when I did call the next day , he did not recall
    my reservation . Ok shit happens , except this time , I was not going to go out of my way .

    Nadya's VIPs
    Knowing this I called Nadya's , I wanted additional security since on this Saturday I finally could take some time off for myself so
    I got Carroll on the phone and pre-booked Lauren for Saturday 6pm and they delivered perfectly .
    If Mike would of called like he said , I would of cancelled with Lauren well in advance.

    The Verdict :


    Eleganza versus Maggie


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    I am soon to try GoodGirls, as their newbie with DD's looks very damn hot. She also offers advertised options. At any rate, I have frequently visited Nadya's incalls and, with no comment towards the girls themselves, I'd have to say that Carol (the guy who answers the phone) is Top Notch. I have also dealt with a woman on some weekend days, not Nadya. She too, was excellent. Regular callbacks, when needed. Precise about the time, except when the girl needed more time or was late.
    All in all, clear communication, honest dialogue, and good follow through for Nadya's. Since they are so good, this discussion shouldn't be about who is better, just who can simply handle their business in an equivalent manner. The only way to get better is to offer a frequently flyer discount.

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    I texted him, he replied 30 mins later. I texted him back said at what time and who. He texted me back and said ok it's good. I went there, texted him waited 5 mins and he texted me back with room number. I saw Leticiya, cool girl but not a repeat for me anymore. So mechanical.


    I e-mailed the day before, I got an answer "call us". Next day I texted in the morning, got a reply "call us". I called and got an appointment. I went and texted her and waited 5 mins and got the room number. Second time a guy answered, booked for next day. I went there, called the guy. He gave me some code and I went to see sexy Lana again. Was less mechanical with Lana.

    Sadly I haven't seen any other girls yet, but those are the only two incall agencies I look forward having business with. There's more than enough girls to fulfil your needs(correct me if I am wrong). In my opinion, Nadya's is a more "classy" SP. But I do not take off anything from Mike's, just a different type of business. If I could give a slogan to them. One would be "A pleasant rendez-vous" and the other would be "A fast fuck" LOL.


    Nadya's VIP by majority decision

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    we still wait efter eleganza review

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    Eleganza is doing Incall now?

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    Quote Originally Posted by mike4u View Post

    tu me fais rire . ecoute du booking d avance j en fais JAMAIS .

    Je trouve que c'est une bonne maniere de faire les choses. T'a envi d'y aller pi t'apelle et tu y va..pas besoin d'appeller 2 jours en avance pour se rendre compte que l'heure que tu veux est deja reserver..

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    J'aime mieux le pre-booking .... Puisque ça m'assure d'avoir la fille que je veux et à l'heure que je veux. Par contre, pour que cette faôn de faire des affaires marche il faut que tous soit sérieux et il faut se faire confiance autant au niveau de l'agence, du client et de l'escorte elle-même.

    Aussi j'ai remarqué qu'avec le pre-booking mon hobbying était beaucoup moins impulsif ..
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    Et je l'écoute (Joël Bouchard) toujours jusqu'à la fin de son laïus parce que je suis convaincu qu'un jour, il va terminer en nous offrant des voitures usagées à des prix INCROYABLES!

    -Ronald King

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    I also like pre-booking much more than the card draw on the day of the event. For those of us who pass through Montreal for just a quick overnight, its nice to know that I have something solid booked with a lady that I want to see. I am usually in an airplane or otherwise out of cell phone range for monday and tuesday during the day (when the girls of the day are getting booked) and those are the days that I do 99% of my hobbying in Montreal. If I don't get a prebook, I get left scrambling in my hotel room at 9:00pm for someone remotely close to my TDL, and in those cases I usually get a mediocre experience.
    Without being able to prebook, I would rarely ever get the chance to see the ladies on my TDL. Thats why I stick to Candyshop, Nadyas, and Eleganza and consider Angels.
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    Personally, I didn't do incalls in Montreal for 9 years because of the rush and hassle. Incalls in Boston weren't much better, though the agencies I dealt with at the time, like FKS, organized arrangements well.

    Give me an incall agency that doesn't change hotels or motels at the last minute, with an owner that doesn't hassle me, and I might work something out. So, at this time I'd favor giving Goodgirls a try if I chose incalls...unless Eleganza gets things operating smoothly.


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    Enough with the veiled accusations. If someone has something on topic to add to the discussion, please feel free to do so. Any other smart ass remarks will result in a suspension.

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    Nadya's VIPs definitely does. When the new schedule comes out on Sat. or Sun., you can make a reservation any time for the following week. I never tried with GoodGirls, but they also have their weekly schedule out every Sunday. I don't see why they wouldn't?

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    J'ai réservé 2 jours d'avance pour une fille chez Nadya's et l'agence m'a niaisé solide au moment du RDV, alors prudence...

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    cela écœure assez... quand tu es minder et rien arrive...
    Fais de ta vie un rêve, et d'un rêve, une réalité

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    There was already a thread on this topic. Threads Merged.

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    Je n'ai jamais appelé Nadya's, par contre pour un ''call d'urgence'' après une dure soirée de travail lorsque je termine vers minuit... Goodgirls et Mike donnent de l'excellent service. J'adore la façon de procéder à Mike, le téléphone toujours ouvert, friendly.. sinon par message texte.

    10/10 GG !


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