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Thread: Recent Visit to Montreal

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    Recent Visit to Montreal

    I had some days to visit Montreal recently and got the most out of Merb seeing 9 good SP`s including 3 repeats. I like the college co-ed types with thin, tight bodies, no tattoos, and no piercings. An older trip report is here with more detail on what I like and also who I`ve seen in the past that I liked:

    Delta123 well-scouted all the terrain before me and I agreed with him in most cases so I added just a few comments for Sarah and Anna of QOS, Eva and Shannelle of Xtase, Stephanie of Asservissante, and Hilary of MSC (she`s back).

    The top 3 experiences were: 1. Mariella (Asservissante) 2. Sarah (QOS) 3. Stephanie (Asservissante). Eva is beautiful but if you book her, bring a tarp and shower in Rain-X beforehand.

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    Hi Underdog

    I really don't know what to do with this thread.
    Reviews go in the review section but, this isn't a review yet, you're talking about some girls you met.
    Will there be reviews coming? Hopefully so but, it's not in MERB customs to have members drumming-up publicity for their reviews!

    Please help me here.


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    Underdog has done reviews for:

    Sarah + Anna (QOS)
    Hilary (MSC)
    Eva (XXXtase)
    Stephanie and Maryella (Asservissante)

    I guess he could just add the review links to his original post.

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    I just found that. Thanks.

    Underdog, no need to "advertise" your reviews.

    Thread closed. Others of this nature will get deleted.
    Sorry but we don't have a "review advertisement section" and don't plan in creating one.


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