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Thread: Predictions - Are we going to get anymore snow this spring?

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    Predictions - Are we going to get anymore snow this spring?

    We have had a few really nice days, and now it is going to get cooler but still much higher than average. Are we going to get anymore snow. I have already changed to summer tires.

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    Yes Sir we r going to get snow . I bet we get a big storm in April .. We have in the past ... And I have that feeling we will this Spring as well

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    I think you made a mistake by changing to summer tires. Some told me they wanted to avoid wearing the winter tires because of the heat but tbh one week of high temperatures won't wear your tires that much.
    I predict at least one snow storm in April and many motorists will be sliding on the roads...

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    I say, maybe a sprinkling but no big storm.

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    It aint over till it's over!!!! A little more snow to come but if anyone needed more proof of global warming, this week in Montreal sure is additional evidence. In the next century the land in northern Canada will become much more valuable and the Americans will come begging for our fresh water as drought sets in, or they'll just steal it. Already the glaciers of the Himalayas are melting rapidly and the fresh water from these glaciers provides fresh water for over a billion people in Asia. Water may eventually be traded on open markets as a commodity and the fresh water crisis is coming people, although I'll likely be dead by that time and Canada is probably one of the best positioned nations to deal with this issue..

    When I was younger I thought it would be interesting to live in or see the future say some 200-300 years from now. Now, I'm not so sure I'd like what i'd see although the techno improvements are sure to be staggering based on the past 30 years.

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    Yep. It will snow again this spring. Global warming? Doesn't bother me. I think it would be kinda nice to walk out into your back yard in Montreal and pick a fresh ripe orange off the tree.
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    I've lived in Montreal for over a decade. My experience told me this:

    1. 49% of the time the last snow comes around April 10.
    2. The other 49% of the time the last snow comes around April 25.
    3. Last year I remember we had some light flurries in May, but this is a really rare case, which counts for the other 2%.
    4. Snows (or flurries) after March rarely comes in the form of storm. They usually melt very quickly. Even if there's any accumulation on the ground, it's very wet (kinda mixture of water and snow).
    5. It's only safe to say cold weather is behind us after the Victoria's Day.

    Just my two cents. I'm pretty sure we will have at least another snow or flurries day. Not sure how that's gonna impact your summer tire because I don't own a car, hope it won't be a big problem.

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    It always get really nice and warm for St-Patrick and then Boom! Ice age. It's like nature saying "Oh yeah, you like that nice weather? Well screw you!"
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    Always plan fro snow after everything melts and you think winter is over
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    Looks good for the next week or so, but you never know.

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