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Thread: Need your advice please!

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    Need your advice please!

    It happens to me that I lost the condom during the intercourse with a friend of mine yesterday.

    A few seconde after I came , I pulled my dick out from her vagina and found that the condom stayed inside her.

    Myself , I always have sex with comdom and so does she.

    What are the risks? STD , pregnancy .

    Please help

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    3 words, the dayafter pill!

    or, she can just take a double dose of the pill... say FRIDAY + SATURDAY.

    risks. anyone's guess. just go to a clinic in 2 wks and run the sti tests. some tests can really only be administered 1 mth out.

    shit happens.

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    Nobody can say exactly what the risks are to catch an STD or to become pregnant from this one incident. I would say they are very low.

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    Thanks gentleman for your kind words.

    We've leaned from that . Hopefully not much damage

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    If you always used a condom and she always was with guys who used a condom with her, you probably have nothing to worry about as far as STD's are concerned.

    Baby coming in 9 months? To be safer, she can use the morning after pill.

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    Part of the condom stays outside when you use it, did you just put it on the tip?

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    Either her vagina was dry or you over lubed the inside of the condom ( or both ) That with every thrust you pushed the condom in and it stayed there.

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    If you both always wear condoms, truly, then the likelihood of an STD is quite small. First, where would you have gotten it from and if you did somehow get one, you would have been carrying it with no symptoms. So if you get the morning after pill you shouldn't have to worry too much, but still get checked out.

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    I'd get on my knees and pray.....

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    don't worry about it dude stay positive.

    but I'm staying away from daty for a while

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    [QUOTE=Zatara;609301] you over lubed the inside of the condom ( or both )
    It was so good after I've come so I kept going back and foreward . Then comes the result

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    Kansas Frank
    I thought condoms have some spermicide. The STD is more of a concern, IMHO.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Doc Holliday View Post
    I'd get on my knees and pray.....
    She gets to my knees , lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kansas Frank View Post
    I thought condoms have some spermicide. The STD is more of a concern, IMHO.
    I always play safe and believe in her as well. So pregnancy is more of a concern.
    She takes birth control pills.

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    you got baby raped dude ! my biggest fear

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