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Thread: What is the best value in Downtown strip clubs regarding alcohol?

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    What is the best value in Downtown strip clubs regarding alcohol?

    Was not sure which forum to post this.....but going with a bunch of men to do the strip club thing on a Friday night.....they will probably want to stay on St. Catherine's

    I have not been in a strip club in 5 years but am committed to being with the guys for the whole night....I used to like Downtown in my youth

    In reality, I will probably just sit back, have a few laughs, enjoy the eye candy, and have a few (many) drinks. I doubt I will be in the back room much so mileage is of little concern.

    Used to remember that beers were about 7 and mixed drinks around 10 which can definitely add up.......but some places used to have "specials" 2 Molson XXX for $5

    So, to use a term I have heard in SP reviews, which place has the best "value" these days?


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    Quality wise, they serve the cheapest crap they can get their hands on. Price wise, there are places like Cleopatra's that have happy hours at 2 for 1.

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    Hi Rusty

    If I were you, I'd call the bars you were interested in, and explain to the managers that you want to spend some bachelor party cash..sometimes they will cut you a deal if you ask politely

    You'd be surprised

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    best value = bar downtown (right beside le grand prix, formerly le gentlemans choice)

    if you go before ( i believe 7) you get happy hr. this means 2 beers for 1. which also means 2 pints for 1. so 2 pints for 7.50 $10 including tip. might even earn you a free shot if youre polite and cool.

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