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Thread: Less French Canadian Girls at MP's?

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    Less French Canadian Girls at MP's?

    This is just an observation, but over the 5 years coming to montreal and mainly frequenting massage places I've noticed that there are much less French Canadian girls (white quebecers) than ever before... Anyone else notice this or is this just me? I notice more Latina, Russian, Asian girls than ever before. I only come 1 or 2 times a year on vacation, you guys probably know the trends better than me.

    I'm not complaining, just curious.

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    In Mtrl... probably I noticed more Latinas.
    But on the North and South shore, it doesn't seem so.

    Don't know if it'll do anything but Feds are voting Bill C-38 that should limit or even block 'incoming girls with visa' to work in the adult industry.
    Maybe a rumor, I didn't read the freakin 400 pages laws.

    Who knows maybe it'll come back at more french canadians ?

    Although they are talking more about strippers.

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