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Thread: Article in New York Magagine on escort-hobbyist GT

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    Article in New York Magagine on escort-hobbyist GT

    The August 2012 edition of New York Magagine, entitled ``The Sex Issue`` includes a story on escort-hobbyist GTs: ``Johns’ Night Out`` -

    The following extract from the articles provides a good summary:
    The purpose is twofold: Johns get to know escorts without paying their normal rate—the cheapest woman at a mixer *usually requires a “donation” of no less than $350 per hour of her time, and a few charge double that amount. So the men have a strong incentive to shop before buying. “You can read her reviews, look at her pictures, even talk with her on the phone,” one john told me. “But there’s nothing like meeting her and seeing if you have that spark.”

    Escorts, in turn, gain access to a room of potential clients. “It’s a business-*networking event,” said one who describes herself on her website as a “companion.” “They get to see you’re a real person.”
    Given the higher escort fees in NYC, there is probably a greater incentive for attending GTs than here in Montreal. I have never attended such a GT myself and I would be interested in hearing from those who have attended a GT on whether the article accurately describes what happens at a GT in Montreal.

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    This is the type of article that US hobbysists hate. It brings attention to the one area that law enforcement has left almost completely alone - the independent provider generally in the $300 + per hour price range. Local law enforcement almost exclusively goes after steet walkers and Craiglist / Backpage providers (including massage parlors) who don't charge that much (local law enforcement also occasionally sets up fake provider stings on Backpage to get some hobbyists but this is very much the exception to the rule). Perhaps the thought is that the lower-cost providers and their customers do not have as much to pay an attorney and will not fight? Or maybe the police petty cash fund to use for the admission charge won't justify $300+. Federal and state law enforcement only takes interest in the owners of interstate escort services and revealing the existence of any politicians that might be customers. This type of article can only serve to peak the public's interest in the safest avenue in existence for US hobbyists and providers.

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