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Thread: History about Law and SP

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    Question History about Law and SP

    I would clearly suggest to never invite at Home ... because they can know where you are after the encounter and they can make any kind of problem ... and you know what ? seeing an SP is forbidden by the law, but they are letting it because illuminatis want Chaos everywhere until everyone don t have enough HEAD to think and lose their freedom and their rights, wait... we are already there ... i am late ^^

    1 reason : If the girl call cops she was with you, you cannot explain and cannot say anyhting because it s illegal and the girl just have to say, he was my friend and rape me, they arrest you right there to bring you in detention for 24 hours ! Speak vs Speak. If the guy said he saw an escort, he will get charge and the girls will leave because Illuminatis (LAW) are for CHAOS and they gave good credit to the Bad side and pusnish the Good side.

    Matos the philosopher and apocalyptic prophete :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by Matos View Post
    seeing an SP is forbidden by the law,
    Did the government pass a new law in the last 24 hours? I don't see it in the news this morning. Please tell us about it.

    If you're talking about rape, it is still unlawful, including with a sex worker.

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    To Alyssa Roze, i must admit you re right for the encounter, but when we'll face GOD together we ll see if i was paranoid ? But yes i must be, people thinks i am that ! but remember one thing, people like me have a job to do on this earth and it is our duty to waking people about what is going on ... but anyway you probably already sold your soul to be famous for man eyes, forget about our future encounter

    PS: I already have problem with an incall with Cops ... at Le Collibris met Lady Vip, russian girl.

    If you don t beleive me, just call the Cops and ask them questions, they will say, you know that is illegal and we have right to arrest you ! ( I know they told me and almost arrested me)

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    This is my last post of the day just for you Alyssa Roze, why it is Legal and not Illegal ! check it out and don t forget their Goal is you lose your soul.

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    Matos, I don't know what's up but you make no sense.

    Thread closed.

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