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Thread: What happened to Mariah on Frontenac thread?

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    What happened to Mariah on Frontenac thread?

    Sorry, mods, I KNOW this isn't a review, but the thread on Mariah on Frontenac had just reached the point where a poster was asking the mods to delete the thread IF is was proven that she was underage, and then the thread disappeared.

    I was considering visiting her but the under age thing is a definite deal killer. So, sorry again for the non-review, but was that in fact the reason the thread went away, or just suspicions about her age? Inquiring minds (and other body parts) need to know....

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    The thread was deleted by the thread starter.

    This discussion went unnoticed by the moderators or we would have removed the thread ourselves. Whenever there is a reasonable doubt raised that a provider might be underage, we will remove the thread and restrict any discussion until the situation is resolved to our satisfaction. We do not permit discussion of underage activity on MERB.

    In the future, it would be appreciated that someone inform a moderator if such a discussion occurs again.

    Mod 8

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