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Thread: Strip Club Offers Tuition Fees

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    Strip Club Offers Tuition Fees

    A Windsor, Ontario strip club is offering tuition fees and a signing bonus to potential strippers/dancers:

    Details are rather sketchy but the plan seems rather similar to the university tuition program offered by the three major junior hockey leagues to players that finish their junior career. The junior hockey program is constrained by time as players that accept pretty well have to forego the minor league option.

    More information would be appreciated - especially about guarantees that the club will be in business for the forseeable future that covers the time required to graduate with a degree.

    At worst the club will have a temporary advantage over the other local clubs.

    Comments appreciated.

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    Sounds like a marketing gimmick to me. I think they are looking to get applicants in the door and then heap as much bullshit on them as possible. You of all people, Eastender, should know that an age old trick utilized by strip clubs is to hire hot young girls as barmaids at a cheap rate so that they will see how much more money the strippers make than they do. The resulting jealousy that is brewed makes a nice hot cup of coffee when the barmaids decide they will strip too. I met a girl who was hired as a barmaid at Wanda's and ended up stripping there and at Le Club Downtown. Looked like a total wholesome college girl and in fact she was, studying economics at Concordia I think. French girl but spoke perfect English.

    Wanda's and other clubs let young hot girls in for free. One of the girls who works at my local gym, a hottie who goes to college locally, comes from Vermont and is familiar with Montreal. The first thing she said to me when we started talking about my last trip to Montreal: "the strip clubs there are so cool. Do you know they let girls in for free?????????????" She thought it was neat-o, but the fact is that the horndog doorman took one look at her and said, "whatever we can do to get you in the door, yup!" And those doormen probably get some minor kickbacks if a hire results from such freebie entries.
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    Think the skepticism expressed in my comments about the story were rather obvious.

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    Gives a whole new meaning to Earn while you learn.

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