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Thread: Turning the tables: when SPs review johns

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    Turning the tables: when SPs review johns

    Guys and gals,

    Don`t miss Annalee`s review of Spartacus, here:

    I believe we have just witnessed a significant cultural event that portends to interesting future developments in this biz/hobby.

    I have in the past read statements by SPs, here and elsewhere, that react to a review of them by a client. Sometimes the SP offers a rebuttal of a bad review. Sometimes the SP says nice things about a client in gratitude for a favourable review. But that is not yet an SP reviewing a client, just a reaction. In this case we have an SP that produces a favourable and purportedly objective review of a client, with tongue barely in cheek.

    On the basis of what appears to me as a precedent (correct me if I`m wrong), it would be legitimate for this or another SP to produce a negative review of a client, not as a reaction to bad review by that client, but on her own volition. That would be a truly astounding event, turning the tables on the johns who spitefully wield reviews as an instrument of power.

    Can this happen? For sure. There are always people who break ranks and march to a different drummer. But it will take an SP with a lot of chutzpah, because part of an SPs service is to make us believe we are all Casanovas, as part and parcel of an all-inclusive fantasy.


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    It is not the first time it has happened. There was recently a very negative "reaction" type review of a client by an SP on another Board which in particular severely denigrated his looks and hygiene. The client was a poster but has not posted since the harsh review. My own personal feeling is that if more SPs had the courage to write these reviews we would know who the real gentleman are and who are the hosers among the reviewers. I basically have formed my own opinions on this to some degree due to b/c feedback I have gotten, but it would be nice to see more chutzpah from the SPs in this regard.

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    With agencies its a lock that these issues are discussed in house. For example: "he likes oral sex only and is not into penetrative sex...................he likes DATY so be fresh.......he comes quickly....he takes along time to come.............etc." If an agency owner has a regular client and doesn't get feedback from the SPs and doesn't share that feedback with the next SP they really aren't doing the job.

    There are agencies I have used multiple times, I am sure they have a "scouting report" on me, and I know exactly what that scouting report is.

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    Each SP review should be accompanied by a naked picture in odorama of the reviewer. This would take care of the people who fail to mention their own looks/hygiene deficiencies and blame their bad encounters on the SP's.

    Also, I know a certain amount of bragging can be expected from guys who describe their sexual encounters but could we please lose the aspects of the color commentary which mention stuff like: she was tight and I'm not small, I made her cum 4 times, I could have banged her 3 more hours, she screamed so loud the glass dildo shattered, my balls are bigger than camel nuts, etc... Sorry but you ain't fooling anyone.
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    scouting report on me?
    shoot.. anyone has some viagra?

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    Annalee.............. nice review..............

    And Spartacus.. what a doll Isn't she!!!

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    girls who have tried robertpal

    care to review me

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    agree with JAJ

    You are absolutely right..As we men get older, we do get better..This is not a theory but a fact..I remember my earlier years, it was whang bang thank-you mam..everything over in 10 mins..
    As we do get older, as jaj mentions , experience, knowledge and stamina in one basket. does definitelyt make you a better longfirmlegs mention about spartacus, a sex machine that just doesnt stop...
    Way to go spartacus you make us middleage men very very proud...

    Lee STONE
    Cum for me Lee..Yeah baby....

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    No way I wanna be reviewed...

    On the other extreme from Spartacus.. Old ......but... butt ugly...

    Reviews would just accentuate my inadequacies

    Quote Originally Posted by robertpal
    care to review me

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    More harm than good

    Its all fine and dandy, a nice little laugh and all....but just remember it doesnt really do the review board any real service. I like a good laugh, i dont mind the occasional prank post or the those long and twisted discussions in the Lounge.

    The lady's on the board are here to advertise and sell their services, which is fine as long as they understand sometimes posts like these 'reviews' might cause some of the business they are looking for to go elsewhere. Some might not want to risk getting a 'review' of their own so to speak.

    Now Spartacus replied to this review that showed he liked it, but what if personally he didnt care to see this info? What if he was planning on rebooking and recommending her to his buddy's as a good choice.....all now down the drain cause of a 'funny post'. Is it worth the risk?

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    My little story.

    Quote Originally Posted by EagerBeaver
    With agencies its a lock that these issues are discussed in house.
    Strangely, that as happenned to me once. Last autumn, I was using an agencie here in Sherbrooke once a week or so. One time, I come in the apparment to meet a new girl. And she says to me:
    " you know, one of the other girl at the agencie that you met before knew that you were coming to see me and called me to talk about you before we met.She said that you were really nice and that I would have a good time with you".

    I'll tell you, my jaw fell right off the floor when I heard that.I couldn't believe it. So, we know that sometimes the girls exchange information among themselves about the guys they see.

    Stud out...

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    to breadman and all

    I am glad that annalees review made us think a little and get into some discussions about reviews etc.
    To Jaj MIDDLE AGED HAH! ( I guess I am, pass me the geritol)
    To clear a few things up. I had been chatting on erchat and pm'ing Annalee for some time. I booked my apointment via email under my spartacus handle. (not via pm since that is forbidden)
    ordinarily I do not book under my merb handle.
    Annalee does have a great sense of humor, and chuzpah.
    The review was done with my agreement, not what was said but that she would do a review.
    I don't think that any businesswoman would post a review without confirming first if it was ok.
    also some things to consider, and part of the reason that sp's don't put reviews here.
    As you saw annalees review although very nice , was not extremley descriptive, or really detailed ( except for the tea) , and was more of a general review , given tongue in cheek. ( and what a nice tongue she has)
    She is an sp from another city, and see how much controversy she has already stirred up.

    most popular escorts have regular customers who they have been seeing for a while. If sp's were to write reviews then some of their regulars would be offended.
    1. how come they are not reviewed?
    2. how could she do it with that guy, and enjoy it he is such a @@#%%$$
    3. you must know that some regulars feel possesive about their sp's and a review from another hobbyist on the board is one thing, but a review by the sp is another. and may cause them to lose regular business.
    4. unlike those of us here who hide (excuse me ) who use our secret identities here on merb, sp's do not ( you know what I mean) . so any negative reviews would have direct repurcussions on their business.
    who would want to go see an sp thinking that the next day they would get blasted on the board, better to not review, and as was done her a few times, reply to negative or postive reviews with feedback etc.
    5. I am sorry to say this but most sp's can't even get it together to send a note the day after the session, thanking the client for his business. (put in a more intimate way would be better I think)
    even a short note like
    "It was a pleasure meeting you, and I had a wondeful time and hope to see you again"
    which would probably increase their regular business, so I don't really see them getting it together to write a review, which those of you who write them know is not so easy.

    just my thoughts
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