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Thread: Craigslist therapeutic section

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    Craigslist therapeutic section

    So a couple of us went "holy fuck, my life ended" when the erotic section closed. I'm thinking they were mostly ladies Anyway, back then I'd never really used that section. Sure, I read it. Tried it once and got screwed - didn't want to wasted my money again. But lately I noticed (am I alone?) that the therapeutic section is overrun by escort ads and I was wondering what your experience was. I did a search here for CL but only found reviews so I figure I'd post a thread about it.

    I have to admit, in the last month my average has been about 60% miss. It's hard to tell the legit stuff from the pimps. And some of those pics. Man. Well you call, you get screwed. Whatever. Maybe I should post about it but I always felt it only penalized the girls instead of the people behind them. Anyway, every once in a while you hit it, I mean HIT IT. I've had two out of this world experience with girls who assure me they're indy and definitely have that vibe about them. And not at 200$ an hour... Have I been lucky?

    I've never really been about posting reviews. Maybe one day I'll try it. I just don't think I'm an especially talented review writer and most of the time the girls I've seen are the result of me...well... reading someone else's review so I don't really have anything intersting or new to contribute.

    What's your experience with CL. Never used annonce123. Is it about the same? What's you're average? Have I been lucky? I feel like I've just discovered heroin... I'd like to hear your opinion. Mods: maybe we could start a CL sub-section in the outcalls?


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    Any info on your two OTW experiences?

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    The best batting average is to be had with paid advertizers here and those providers who have been reviewed by posters who have a longstanding record of reliable reviews. Other than here, I don't know that the place where you may find a provider's ad is necessarily indicative of likely getting what you're being promised.

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