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Thread: Filming Encounter with my girlfriend, escort and I

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    Filming Encounter with my girlfriend, escort and I

    My GF and I have been wanting to have an encounter with an escort for a while now, we're gonna try a couples massage first then go for the real deal. we were wondering, are there any escorts in Montreal that would allow you to film during the encounter? We're extremely discreet and obviously the video would be kept for private use...


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    Yeah I've seen that Kelly summer can cost upwards of 400$ for an hour, a bit out of our price range since this would likely be a regular thing every couple of months...

    I've heard you can get Alexa jaymes for about half that price though

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    Try nalAA dufoXX, I shot videos with her myself, as a matter the videos are all over the internet, with an easy google search.

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    yeah I've seen those videos before actually! great stuff! my GF isn't really into her unfortunately

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    You might try to contact the Lane sisters. Shanna and Roxy work at XXXtase as Alexia and Megan. Alexia has been working some lately, but Megan hasn't. I haven't checked today. See if you can contact them through their website.
    You never can tell which escorts may allow you to film the encounter, whether they are pornstars or not. Can't hurt to ask.
    There have been several other threads on this subject in the past.
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