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Thread: Carlos, the bartender at Thursday's

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    Carlos, the bartender at Thursday's

    I am returning to Montreal in a few weeks. I used to stay at the Hotel de la Montagne and would have lunch at Tuesdays. There was a bartender at Thursday's named Carlos who made me feel at home. He also would attract women to come the bar. It was fun hanging out there. There was always something amusing happening. Does anyone know where Carlos went since the Montagne closeds
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    Quote Originally Posted by perfectgent813431 View Post
    There was a bartender at Tuesdays named Carlos who made me feel at home.
    Are you sure his name was Carlos?
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    I'm 99% sure. He worked during the day. He was of Portugese descent and tied his hair up in the back. There would be a steady stream of women who would come in to flirt with him. It made the bar scene lively and fun. One day a woman invited us out to meet her in the suburbs. I had an appointment and Carlos had a girlfriend waiting.

    I guess my second question would be if you know where any of the people at Tuesday went. Thanks.

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    Would that be Carlos at Thursdays
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    Sorry. Yes Carlos at Thursdays. Do you know if he is working somewhere else now that Thursday's has closed?

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