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Thread: what is the average outcall in US?

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    what is the average outcall in US?

    Some one know what is the average outcall in US? I know all depend on the agency but lets say that here in montreal it cost you 150$ ~200$ for a normal girl what will be the equivalent on big city like NY, Miami, Chicago, Boston?

    any idea or experiance on US?

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    $300 in most cities, $350 in NYC.

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    go to for the best looking SPs, its more expensive though (average 300$ and up) or try for better rate. i won't advise any agency in the states because it's a rip off, with no service provided ( actually the price they post on the ads is just the fee for showing up, been asked for 400 $ for a handjob in michigan
    may be i wasn't lucky enough, good luck anyways!

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    San Francisco

    Quote Originally Posted by California LA it runs about $400/$500 per hr for a nice piece of ass.
    is better than SoCal. You can get GFE quality for $300/hr. SF also is more liberal than most other US cities when it comes to pay for pussy. But that's still not saying a whole lot when you compare SF to Montreal, BA or Prague.

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    Prague? how much is it in Prague? I heard/seen on T.V. about those Czech girls. damn hot

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    Quote Originally Posted by orallover
    Prague? how much is it in Prague? I heard/seen on T.V. about those Czech girls. damn hot
    I don't really want to hijack this thread since it's about the sex prison called the US. But briefly about Prague, yes, the girls are about as gorgeous as any in the world. If you have time, do some research on If you don't have time just look up FKK-Prague. Great value for the money and a can't miss place to check out if you go. Same concept as the German FKKs. Prices somewhat lower, for about 3000 kr you get 1h GFE service with everything on the menu with a tall blonde or brunette. Oh yeah, Czech beer is the best!

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    I've been to Germany(Berlin) many times and got a chance to check out one of the strip club (half way between Charlettonburg and Berlin downtown).
    As some of you know, prositution is legalized there.
    so at the strip club the young guy we (3 of us from the office) chatted with was touching girls Y for no extra cost (of course he was just touching a bit from time to time when they pass by).
    dance area was the long main bar table (you know those long table dividing the bar from the rest of the customers) and if you like the girl then you ask her to come over. then you buy a a glass of champaign (which is a must for about 10 marks) and talk a bit then you decide to go up to a room. I think I paid 120 marks for that. 1 SOG service but it was fun there.

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    Quote Originally Posted by California LA it runs about $400/$500 per hr for a nice piece of ass.
    Not if you know where to look.

    You could spend even $$150--$200 for some decent action.

    On the other hand, you may lose a fortune on outcalls and get no action. LA and Vegas are infested with scam artists running outcall agencies that claim to offer escort service, and yet when the girl shows up, she takes your $300 and just dances and asks you to play with yourself. Anything more is worth much more dough. Typically, such an encounter lasts 10 to 15 munties, and your out of a lot of cash.

    In LA anyway, I think that outcall is a bad idea, unless you know the person or agency you deal with really well. There are many legit ones out there, but the price, the privacy concern, coupled with other factors make it not so tempting. If anything, go for incall when in the US. At least they won't know where you live and can't attempt to scare you by reporting you to the cops when you try to call them on their scam. Also, you could walk away more easily if you don't find the girl to fit the description. Heck, even some montreal agencies come to LA area and offer incalls.
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    Quote Originally Posted by California
    Thailand - $40Max for the night & $10 Bar fine
    Hong Kong - $30 barbershop $100Max for 1 hr incall
    Singapore - $100 for incall or Karaoke Bar
    Taipei - $150/200 for 2 hour incall / take out
    Costa Rica - $100 Ask / $50 Settlement two hour incall
    India - $20 on average, $200 for a bollywood movie star
    Mexico - $40 for 1 hour incall - Outcall $10 and up per SOG
    Tokyo - $200 - $2000 depending on interest and age
    Spain - $50 for 1 hr incall, $100 all night
    Israel - Russians for $30 - $100
    Amsterdam - $40 for half hour booth, $100+ for incall
    Scotland - $80 for 2 hour street action
    Sydney - Kingscross $40 street/bar action $100 incall
    China - $10 - sucks, chicks just lay there
    what the f**k? you've been around, Cali?

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