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Thread: trip to north africa

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    trip to north africa

    im planning a business trip to north africa this summer. any body been there before ( morroco. tunisia). is there a way to hobby down there?, wat are the rates, the risks...

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    I had a girlfriend from that area.
    I am sure you can do hobbying there (any country in the world has SPs) however due to their religion it may not be as open and easy as in NA or Europe.

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    The best place is Morocco (specially Casablanca, Rabat and Marakech).

    According to some friends, it is a fantastic place. There is no "sex industry" there, but in discos many students will accept to spend the night with you, if you are "generous". The best is to be with maghrebins friends, they will tell you all the tricks. If you are in 4-5 stars hotel, I am not sure you will be able to bring the girls to your hotel room, though.


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    If you are in 4 or 5 star hotel then you just know where to look. any hotels like that will have classy girls hanging around to make some extra money.
    But in those areas you really have to be careful, as I said earlier, due to their religion.
    so enjoy your time there but keep your eyes open and if you gut feeling tells you that you should not take a girl then listen to your gut feeling.

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