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Thread: STD Risk Calculator... Good for looking at Risks with SPs

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    Thumbs up STD Risk Calculator... Good for looking at Risks with SPs

    Saw this on TERB

    STD Risk Calculator

    You enter in your activities and it tells you the approximate chances of getting certain sexually transmitted infections...


    Risks for protected vaginal sex & unprotected oral with SP:
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    This thread should be moved to the Health Info section.

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    Robin, why bother! It's so easy to register a handle and start posting anywhere, without first reading the board and even less reading the rules!

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    >>> Yup! Didn't read the rules! Confirmed. Useless quote removed. Mod 11

    Haha, oops. Sorry Mod
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    This seems like a fairly useless survey for hobbiests. I had a quick run through it, and nowhere does it take into account the dozens/hundred of partners we've had. The permutations with this community are immense. This survey seems to assume that we are in a monogamous relationship, although possibly with a sex-worker.

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    Thanks OP. That risk calculator is pretty neat, regardless of its validity.

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    Funny I tried out this calculator.One odd summary comes up.if I input the same senario with 2 differnt age groups I get a differnt risk assesment.if i`m with an Sp in her 40`s vs 25the risk factor goes up by 4% with a younger SP.
    This calculator for me is bogus.I`ve been using SP for the past 20 years in between GF.I always use protection.I do enjoy an occassional .My tests came back negative,even when by accident a condom broke inside an SP & got myself tested after.Results negative again.Then when I was in a relationship with my ex at the time she, had unprotected sex with a lover before meeting me & had contracted an STI that was not fully cured.We had unprotected sex on many occassions 6 months into the relationship & I must have been spared becasue I did not contract the STI but the doctor gave me antibiotics just to be on the safe side.
    To make a long story short.Most of these girls get regularly tested I`m sure & if they get anyhting are ejected from the agency.But like Herejohnny say never accept one at the door that looks like trash.Let`s get some more comments.

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