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Thread: Suggestions on Next Montreal Rendevouz Party

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    Suggestions on Next Montreal Rendevouz Party

    This is a new thread to post suggestions as to the next Montreal Rendevouz party location, date and time. From comments I have received both on this Board and via PM, I have the following comments (others are welcome):

    1. I feel the party location should remain on Island. A restaurant or bar that is large enough or not busy enough on the weekend that could hold 60 or so extra people could do the trick. Keeping it in a hotel lounge might also work..........just not the Hotel de la Montagne. It scared away way too many SPs.

    2. I have received one suggestion as to the Sandman Hotel formerly known as the Radisson in Longeuile (South Shore) which has a subway stop a short distance from the hotel. Comments on this are welcome. Do they have enough room in their lounge?

    3. My selfish preference on a date would be Friday July 1, because I'll be in Montreal at that time, but I understand that is Canada Day. It's also 4th of July weekend, and most of the American contingent on the Board will be back in the USA with their families. Other possibilities would be Friday July 8, 15, 22 or 29.

    4. The hobbyists who did not behave themselves at the last party are advised to either behave (that means keep your hands to yourself and treat the ladies with respect and as you would want to be treated yourself if you were them), or do not come.

    5. Whomever emerges as the party organizer, if not Stripper Lover (as I am holding out hope that he will change his mind), will need to possibly negotiate something with the facility operator. We may need to charge a cover - we'll see how many people come. I have been advised by Stripper Lover that many people who registered for the last party did not come. You should only register if you intend to come so that the party organizer has a credible idea of how many people there will be when he/she negotiates with the facility owner.

    6. We don't expect agency owners to bring their entire staffs. But it does provide the agency owner and operator with a very unique opportunity to showcase his/her ladies, mingle with his/her clients and possibly meet and impress new clients. It is a great opportunity to market oneself and one's staff.

    7. For indies, this is a tremendous opportunity. I don't know how much business Samantha drummed up as a result of her appearance at the last party on March 25, but my guess is a HELLUVA LOT OF BUSINESS came her way. My business would have too, had she not been away on my last trip to Montreal.

    8. Let's get down to the business of planning this thing. We need someone local to organize this. Someone who has a lot of time, computer skills, charisma, desire and good negotiation skills. Who is gonna step to the plate?
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    There is a little bar at the Holiday Inn on Sherbrooke called Aces. It may be too small for 60 people but I have ofetn met people there and always found it to be very quite. kind of a cozy little place. For a smaller group it might be OK.

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    The bar/restaurant has to be large enough to hold several groups of 10 or more people...last party i was at you had several groups mingling around. There might be a bar out there that could accomodate sevaral large groups...with a couple smaller groups of SP's milling about

    I volunteer to keep the SP's happy

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    was anyone inappropriate last time <...>?
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