in town for 2 full days, half a day on the arrival (from 4pm on), and half a day on the return (leave for airport at 1230).

the last time i was there, i had the same schedule, and managed two one hour sessions and a duo.
This time, i've been hitting the gym and holding out for a month or so....as you might have read in my other thread.

My goal is to see:

2 separated 1 hour sessions on the arrival half day. (separated by 2-3 hours)
a duo in the early afternoon of first full day. followed by a 1 hour session early evening.
second full day, 2 one hour sessions early afternoon and early evening.
morning session on departure day.

is this possible???
Can you tell me secrets on how to make it happen????

ps. fyi, i usually like to cum once during each session....i don't recall ever having MSOG with SP.