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Dancers moving to escorting


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Jul 23, 2003
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Hi guys,
I was at an incall place recently and the girl told me she used to dance at a strip club. I asked if she made more money doing incalls and she said yes. She also said it was more fun. I asked how so and she replied that often a dancer may get the urge to do more with a client, but cannot in the club (non FS club), whereas as an escort she can do anything she wants. Was she BSing me? I don't think she was - it was after the service. She was pretty safety concerned so she probably wouldn't have took a client from the SC to her home or to a hotel.
Any similar stories?

E B Samaritano

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May 6, 2003
Silcon Valley, Ca. USA
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I'm not quite sure what bear had to offer has to do with what you are talking about.

There does seem to be a noticeable trend of ladies leaving the dancing profession and going towards escorting. One lady I spoke with who used to dance indicated on occassion she would elect to go with someone from the club for 400 bucks. Most of the clubs discourage their ladies from doing this as the owners want their piece of every bit of money the girl makes.

The ladies will explain that there is a lot of difference between working in a club and being an escort. Many of the ladies grow weary of constantly hustling the customers just to get attention. Most of them are under the pressure to make enough money to cover their floor charge, hustle drinks to pad the cash take, and tip the bartenders, bouncers and doormen. Escorting is a much more relaxing job given they have no problem with the actual sex part. All of the hustling is done by the agency owners if they choose to work for an agency, or its the tradeoff of advertising and answering the emails if they become an indy with computer smarts. There are still many ladies who dance because they make suffiecient money and are not interested in selling sexual services. They tend to seek out establishments where the customers know there is low mileage in terms of takeouts or on site services. Said one well reviewed girl who is an ex-dancer, " I like the idea of not having to hustle and knowing that the customer has chosen me in particular and not vice versa". I am sure they find escorting considerably more profitable, given the dropoff in stripclub business that Montreal has seen over the last few years.



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Aug 18, 2003
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The scenes are different and they tend to fit the personality of the individuals. EBS is right about women who opt for the low (non) contact clubs.

On the other hand, there are women who like to work the FS clubs, because they get to see the guy before they make the connect. For escorts and incalls -- it can be a a little scary -- you never know what is behind door number three. The shock may be worse than for the john who is a victim of bait and switch.

Just like different folks on this board like different scenes -- FS and non FS clubs, incalls, massage parlors, HDHs, LDHs, the streets, etc. -- women have the same range in tastes when it comes to their chosen profession. $$$ is important, comfort level is important as well. Everyone signs up for what they deem to be the right risk / reward combination.

Bear is right -- dancing can be a natural for "take-out." Many of the women at full service clubs develop regular customers they see once a week or more often. Converting that experience to take out can be rewarding for both parties.

-- Hugh
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