Goldilocks and the Two Toys


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Jan 20, 2007
Where I belong.
Goldilocks and the Two Toys

with no apologies to Robert Southey.

(n.b. The names of the innocent have not been changed; there are no innocents here.)

This tale begins in January in the living room of my humble home in the Plateau. I’m spending a delightful evening, the umpteenth to date, with my favorite woman of this fair city, the lovely and luscious Goldilocks. The frustrated Goldilocks. Seems as wonderful a lover as Goldilocks has been, time and time again, as wonderful as I feel at this very moment, I plateau at arousal level 9 and, yet again, fail to deliver her my seed, disappointing the dear object of my evening’s affection. And then she offers a simple suggestion, totally unaware of the long-term, potentially life changing consequences: how about, she coos, a prostrate massage.

Now a simple fact is that I’ve had a long and enjoyable sex life, many lovers, short and long term, more than my share of wives, and, of course, in recent years, I’ve met many young women both here and in Germany in the P4P trade. Another fact: as much fun and as satisfying as it’s been, it has mostly been pretty tame, pretty traditional. So Goldilocks’ suggestion that she use her hands to “make a delivery to the shipping department” fell on deaf ears. Almost.

Over the course of the next few weeks I did a fair amount of research on the subject. Thanks to the Internets and our friends at the Google, I discovered Aneros, a manufacturer of prostate massage toys, and the Aneros forum. a vBulletin site much like this one. And what I found on this forum was eye-opening, eye-popping in fact. Tales of prostate massage induced multiple orgasms, Super-Os, pleasure waves and more. Newbies being freely offered advice by longer term members with an almost religious ardor. I was intrigued; I had to know more. Within two days, I was delivered by a gentleman in a brown uniform an Aneros MGX and an Aneros Helix. The MGX I named Lucille, the Helix Stella. We became acquainted. We became intimate. I took Lucille to visit the MP Dani, who I knew was familiar with prostate massage, to learn a bit more about its operation, about my own body. She brought me to a thrilling conclusion, as she has time and time again, but this time with Lucille's assistance.

The time came shortly thereafter to introduce Lucille and Stella to Goldilocks, who was thrilled to learn what she’d wrought. Her excitement at the thought of taking me from the front while Lucille and Stella took their turns taking me from behind was palpable. But we needed to warm up first. A bit of time outside in the hot tub, then back to the couch where I put my head between Goldilocks’ legs, while she serenaded me with some of my very favorite sounds, a coo here, and ah there and a few more that defy replication by alphabet. And then it was time to head off to the bedchamber where Lucille and Stella beckoned. I put a little puddle of lube in my hands, then covered Lucille and dispatched her to her duty station. Goldilocks, with considerable enthusiasm, climbed atop me in the 69 position and we began nibbling at each other, while I worked Lucille with muscular contractions. This went on for a little while before I just threw my head back to enjoy the ride. Goldilocks rolled a condom on me and hopped on the saddle, western of course, and worked away from the front, me working from behind. A little more of this before she climbed off and took me again in her mouth, all the while me getting more and more aroused, Stella now having replaced Lucille on the other side of the action.

Now, here comes the tricky part. While the Aneros toys are worked with PC muscle contractions, it is also the PC muscle that is contracted when one wants to delay ejaculation, in the hopes of a second even more intense one. I had no desire to delay that which has been so difficult to achieve in the first place. I contract while Goldilocks licks, sucks and slurps, my arousal level increasing all the while. I must at the point of no return release my muscles and let fly…and so I do. Goldilocks, so long frustrated, is overjoyed. I’m in full body spasm, pleasure, intense pleasure, sweeping over my body and, indeed, my entire consciousness. The orgasm was not the most explosive in my memory, but it was certainly the deepest and the widest. It’s afterglow as all encompassing and long lasting as I can remember. An hour later, Goldilocks gone now, I’m thinking that I can’t remember ever feeling this good, top to bottom, front to back, brain and body.

A thanks to Goldilocks, not just for this evening, but for the inspiration, for opening me up to new experience.

And for all of you, if you’re interested, you can learn an awful lot more here:

Unfortunately, just after I started playing with my Aneros, the Aneros forum was hacked and taken down. It will return, but they don’t say when.

Note to mods: given that this is as much a review of the toys and that Goldilocks has not been mentioned by the professional name by which she’s known, I’ve placed this in the lounge rather than in the outcall section.
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