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Jokes you played on other people.

J. Peterman

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Feb 26, 2004
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I am interested in they jokes that some of you guys have played on other people, like the old classic get some dog shit, put it in a paper bag with lots of newspapers, then place it in front of someones house and set the bag on fire. Ring the doorbell, when the home owner opens the door and sees the burning paper bag he stomps on it and gets dog shit all over his shoes.
I have never done the dog shit in a bag trick, but when I was in school, there was this kid that got one of the early cell phones that looked like a brick. He realy liked showing of his cell phone and carried it all over with him. One day at a football game practice, we came up with a joke to play on him. We all agreed to call this guy several time a day and ask for an all dressed large pizza, when he would tell us that we have the wrong number we would say, you mean this is not Marios pizza? Then we would hang up on him. This went on for months, he got 30 or 40 calls a day costing him about $1 per minute at that time. One day, one of the guys called him up and said: my name is Mario, has anyone left any messages for me, I have been away on vacation. You could hear the guy at the other end of the line screaming and cursing!

Tony Montana

Oct 14, 2003
One of my buddy who knows nothing about computers and even less about the Internet asked me last year to set him up in his house. I wind up setting his home page to a site where women have sex with animals. Pretty sick page. He kept calling me for weeks to get rid of that page. Everytime he opened his Internet, there it was. This lasted for a good month....
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