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The most neglected topic in MERB history


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Oct 1, 2003
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Okay... I've seen questions on this topic raised at least 10 times and there is rarely ever any decent conversation generated.

Let's try to change that.

My friend is getting married soon and we want to throw him a bachelor party that he'll always remember. We also want to enjoy ourselves, to a certain extent.

I have a suite reserved at Hotel De La Montagne already and the pre-game and post-game activites should not be hard to plan... but the "game" itself is what I need help on.

In a perfect world, we'd get two SPs to pass by, put on a show for the gang and then take the man of the hour (literally) into the other room and take care of him. I realize this won't be cheap and that's fine.

What I need is suggestions... does anyone know of two SPs who take on this type of task and do it well? He doesn't need a GFE, just two hot girls who can put a smile on his face.

I posted this here because I think it's a rather general question, if anyone thinks I might get better responses in another section let me know and I'll cross post it and risk the wrath of the Merbites.



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May 3, 2004
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Thanks again, HeadinNorth (Gawd that's gettin old already!)

Anyway, locked away in Sex Prison (AKA USA) as I am, I can't really give any good advice. But I was surprised that none of the more local and experienced members responded.

Beyond that, though, what about all you Agency owners? Did you all miss that line, "I realize this won't be cheap and that's fine."? DUHHH!
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