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Thread: Any advice on how to become rich?

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    Any advice on how to become rich?

    Hehe since you guys seem to be able to book often and all , any tips on how to become rich? I am currently selling a lot of my stuff, what i tough was mostly "dla cochonnerie" is selling for 5 or 10$ here and there... so i get a little cash from that, but im running out of stock soon. I am buying lotterie ticket but it seem to not be a working way, sadly.

    I have already ruled out robbing a bank, since i don't like to be locked between 4 walls with dudes and no girls There is my hockey card collection i could sell... could probably afford 2,3 or 4 meeting with that depending if i get the right guys... but NAH no way im touching this... spent my life working on it !!! Now only if Carey Price can finally develop his potential... invested so much on him

    Maybe i could become a male escort "BBW" style... could that work? Is there a word for BBW for a dude? Any women into that?


    Now if you are wondering.... yeah thats a joke thread But in all seriousness if you guys could hook me up on some jobs then that could be cool, if i made it to the GT maybe we could discuss about that. I think i will go take my driver's liscence soon, i supose its long due and i will try with Garda... I really see myself as a security agent. I don't like mental work, i don't like work too physical either, this seem like the perfect mix between the 2.
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    Education (post-graduate degree) and hard work. There are no substitutes for either.

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    Think rich, act rich, get into debt.


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    Getting rich is all about ability, opportunity, luck and health, some people are just damn lucky in life, unfortunately most people are not.

    Also In my line of work I study salaries, 95 percent of millionaires from my studies are people who have their on business(people that work for themselves and have nobody over them).

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    When I was your age, Mike, I never would have dreamt that I'd ever amass the riches that I've accumulated in the last few years, enough that I've been able to hobby 3-4 times a week for the last three years, buy a pied-à-terre in Outremont, dine in the finest restaurants and drive a late model Lexus about our fair city. I have little education, in fact my BA in Literature has yet to account for so much as a nickel in earnings.

    The secret? Easy. With the National Football League season about to begin, Joe.T will be posting his weekly picks in the merb NFL thread. Whatever Joe.T picks, you bet the opposite. Then parlay your winnings week to week. By the end of the season, you'll be a wealthy man.
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    Stock market if you know what you are doing ( I dabble a little ). I made my money the hard way, worked for it and got a good name in the industry. I still play the lotto but I have played the same numbers for over 30 years and still playing. If you do not have a degree and are willing to work hard there is tons of money to be made in Alberta, eg: portable drillers helper you can make about $350.00 a day ( new hire ), rock truck driver about $80,000 a year ( just need proper class license ), GPS surveyor for seismic $250.00 a day ( new hire ) or $350 a day couple of years experience. welders assistant $ 80,000 a year to start. Work on the big rigs start at about $60,000 a year. Most of these jobs I listed include rooms and meals as you would most likely live in a camp ( no where to spend money which is a good thing ). At these jobs you work 7 days a week for 3 weeks and then a 4 day off schedule.

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    It's no secret...hard work will pay off...but best to do something you enjoy...then it doesn't feel like work!


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    You can take a page out of the gold digger play book and marry someone for her money then get a divorce and take half. Or at least get some serious alimony like Kevin Federline.

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    D'une certaine façon, ce n'est pas le revenu qui fera de toi quelqu'un de riche...Évidemment, si tu fais $300 000 par an, c'est un bon départ, mais si tu en dépenses $ 700 000, té dans la merde, comme on dit prosaïquement...Bref, c'est une question de planification budgétaire, d'investissements judicieux et de dépenses réfléchies. Personnellement, je suis un professionnel, j'ai un masters degree et je fais $ 100-120 000 par an, mais je ne suis pas si riche... Étant célibataire et sans enfants, cela me laisse de la liberté de mouvement, mais je dépense un peu follement...Voyages dans le sud, restos, bons vins et portos...Et c'est certain qu'en dépensant comme un malade pour des escortes, j'aide pas ma cause

    Maintenant, je dois admettre que ce qui me limite le plus, c'est que je suis ligit...Je ne fais pas dans la collusion, ni le trafic d'influence, je ne vends pas de dope, je ne vole personne et je tente d'être honnête...C'est pas gagnant comme équation pour faire du cash

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    Work hard. Gathering assets that will generate monthly and/or quarterly income. Know how to achieve positive EV and work the grind. From the income there use it to accumulate more income generating assets and/or develop income generating ideas. Rinse and repeat. Keep costs low. Know the difference of value vs. cheap. Know how to speculate. Something they will not teach you in school because school is about producing mindless drones.

    Oh yeah, DON"T GET MARRIED. That will save you 50% of your assets and grief right there. If she nags and nags you for that ring, dump her pronto.

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    Be born into a rich family or marry into one. The second is a lot easier if you happen to be a very good looking woman.
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    HM..... since you just started to finally do daty (great first choice btw, Iggy approved ) keep practicing and become an expert at it and then rent your tounge out by the hour/hours.... do you have a problem doing daty on bbw's and old women? If not your riches await you my friend.

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    First off, choose your parents wisely. I cannot stress this enough. So many of our youth have put themselves at a severe disadvantage by being born to parents with little wealth and wisdom. It's not just to be born into money, but also to be given the opportunity to develop valuable relationships with other well-to-do people. In addition to choosing parents wisely, I would advise you to be tall. Studies show that tall men, on average, out-earn their shorter peers. You don't want to be a freak, but if you shoot for 6'3" and stay in shape, you will stand out in a crowd. If marry you must, then marry well. Do not "marry for love" if she doesn't come with assets. Of course, once you have accomplished the first objectives (being born to wealthy parents and being tall), it will be easier to marry into even more wealth. Daughters of wealthy men tend to marry sons of wealthy men. Though it is less important, do not neglect birth order. If you selected a wealthy but highly driven and motivated father, he will often have very high expectations for his eldest son. Try to be a younger son, you'll have much more opportunity to enjoy your wealth.

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    Quote Originally Posted by rumpleforeskiin View Post
    The secret? Easy. With the National Football League season about to begin, Joe.T will be posting his weekly picks in the merb NFL thread. Whatever Joe.T picks, you bet the opposite. Then parlay your winnings week to week. By the end of the season, you'll be a wealthy man.
    It's worked for me for the past few years. Why did you have to give away the secret?

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    How to become rich???

    Stop seeing escorts. If you take my advice, you'll thank me 15 years from now. You're welcome.

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