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Thread: What do you think about a system to rate the sp-mp like( equifax)

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    What do you think about a system to rate the sp-mp like( equifax)

    The rate is about the service ,ponctuality, real pics, clean place, clean girl and finaly the price. Why ? Because everybody put an ad saying she is doing escort charging same price like the real pro.she doesn' t no what "s gfe mean. I dont kiss no bbbj, but i m gfe.avoid those newbies. the rate on 10pts.

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    There have spreadsheets lying around before but now I don't think there is a current spreadsheets but yeah there used to be one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by summers09 View Post
    Rating a SP is ridiculous. She might have for you 10/10 for attitude and 8/10 for somebody else. Reminders, SP’s are women.
    Thanks summers

    Really, you have reviews and often numerical ratings in those reviews, isn't that enough?

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    Interesting concept kev3020 and I applaud the initiative of your thread, but isn't this why MERB exists in the first place?

    What's the point of your thread cause I'm trying to understand the concept.
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    Trenus, on merb there is some chilling and the girls know how to manipulate. So we still get f........!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mitsou xxx View Post
    Maybe you should spend more time int he reviews section and not the lounge? If you don't believe the ads then check the reviews or post in the 411?

    Like summers said - not everyone will appeal to everyone else even the most popular of SPs.

    But, just a little hint - if you go in seeing every SP with this kind of attitude - in general most people can see body language and judge that the person is immediately on the defensive with you and that probably won't end in a good session for you.
    Well Mitsou, you would get a top rating.

    I love a girl with a BIG FAT ASS.. Yummy.

    This hobby needs more girls with big fat asses.

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