The English Collective of Prostitutes is collecting signatures by online petition for an open letter demanding respect for the rights of sex workers and their clients.

The link to sign is

and here is a bit of the open letter

Dear Friends,

As LGBTQ sex workers and allies, we invite you to sign this open letter for the decriminalisation of prostitution because consenting sex should not be a crime.


As LGBTQ sex workers and allies we are asking for support against proposals to further criminalise consenting sex. They are discriminatory and a breach of human rights, and will further endanger the lives and safety of sex workers, our families and anyone we make contact with.

‘The freedom of two people to have sexual contact with each other has historically been denied to people of different races and classes, and to people of the same gender. This freedom is still denied to people when payment is involved. Why should two adults who want to have consensual sexual contact with each other in private not be able to do so?’